BC Rail Collection

5 Shows on One Disc! British Columbia Railway. BC Rail was as spectacular an operation to watch as the scenery through which it ran. Sold to the Canadian National Railway in 2004, it’s now a beloved fallen flag of the past, but you can still experience the thrill of BC Rail as it existed in 1986 when this show was originally filmed. Pentrex takes you for a ride along Howe Sound behind Royal Hudson 2860, one of the world’s most beautiful steam locomotives. You’ll also enjoy a trip aboard the Budd passenger cars from North Vancouver to Prince George, a 13-hour journey that takes you into the cab for first-hand views of meets with other trains. Traveling the various subdivisions, you’ll get close-up views of freight operations and will pay a visit the Tumbler Ridge line to see its electric locomotives and their coal loading operations. BC Rail’s color scheme was shifting from green to its new red, white, and blue paint at this time; you’ll see both color schemes traveling through mountains, past lakes, and across bridges. Step back in time with Pentrex to savor BC Rail at its finest! Uncommon Carrier. View the steam, diesel, and electric locomotives used by BC Rail to serve its shipping, passenger, and tourist operations and get special insight into BC Rail’s contribution to the economy of its province. This production includes footage from Pentrex and the BC Rail film library. 995 Days. Experience the Tumbler Ridge Line, the only 50-kilowatt electric railroad in North

Model Lionel train engine – RR 726 – more cars in collection?

Question by amybelle: Model Lionel train engine – RR 726 – more cars in collection?
My husband has a model Lionel train engine. I looked for a model number, or some such thing, but it only says RR 726 on the side. I am wondering if there are more cars in this collection, and if so, where to find some. I would like to get him another piece for his birthday. Help please!

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Answer by keef20032006
Lionel is a brand of model railway.
I think your best bet is to look at their website and see if you can identify the engine.
You could also try contacting the customer services


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HO Railroad Collection FOR SALE

Over 100 ENGINES,Over 300 Pieces of rolling stock.Mostly Athern brand with some Bachman, Tyco, Model Power and Riverrossi.Lots of transformers,buildings,die cast cars,track..both standard and ez track.Large toolbox filled with hobby supplies.3 parts cabinets filled with accessories.Paint and decals.All Engines are dc.About 30 % of the collection has been updated to kaydee couplers.About 85% of the Engines are powered.I AM SELLING THE WHOLE COLLECTION AS ONE LOT. I am looking to sell for 2200.00
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My Updated Locomotive Collection

Many people were messaging me about my HO scale collection so in reponse to that, I’ll show you guys my entire collection. I got HO scale models of EMD/GM and GE locomotives from various railroads including, Canadian National, Canadian Pacific, Union Pacific, BNSF, CSX, Santa Fe, NS, Norfolk and Western, and more. If anyone is interested in getting to know where I got these try checking out www.pwrs.ca Pacific Western Rail Sytems or www.modeltrainstuff.com. Enjoy the video please rate comment!!
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Thomas Collection & Collecting Tips

See the good, the bad and ugly as I dig deep into my Thomas & Friends treasure chest. A video covering one of the most common questions I am asked and details part of my Thomas collection. I hope the younger Thomas fans can see clearly just how good the ERTL Thomas & Friends range was. Web Links: en.wikipedia.org en.wikipedia.org en.wikipedia.org www.thomasandfriends.com www.thomasandfriends.com en.wikipedia.org ttte.wikia.com

Trainz Complete Collection trailer

eDome – www.edome.net Trainz Complete Collection trailer http plaza.fi plaza.fi plaza.fi plaza.fi plaza.fi plaza.fi plaza.fi plaza.fi plaza.fi Paradox Interactive issues a last call for all passengers heading for the next destination: Trainz — The Complete Collection, the comprehensive railway simulator. Old and new model railway enthusiasts everywhere can return to childhood days spent playing with train sets on plaster of paris landscapes.Not only can players drive, program or take remote control of a substantial variety of rolling stock and engines, they can customize their own.The collection comes with a substantial number of routes and a scenario editor to customise existing layouts or create new ones. Those with a ticket and are ready to board, can click here to enjoy the view of the first trailer eDome – www.edome.net

I have an old collection of Lionel trains, how much can I sell it for?

Question by alduflo55: I have an old collection of Lionel trains, how much can I sell it for?
When I was little I used to love Lionel trains, I have literally a closet room of stuff still sitting around in our unused closet. Apart from clearing that closet space for something else, I have taken up airsoft and I was looking to buy a gun that with ammo, clips, and cleaning tools as well as other things would price around $ 700 total. I have two pennsylvania flyers, a penn. flyer passenger expansion pack, a santa fe diesel engine with 3 passnger cars (I always just bought ready to run sets) and an old union pacific berkshire locomotive that came with a ready to run set. I also have a fair amount of rolling stock and lots of fastrack and two fastrack switches as well as some old buildings. I have all the transformers that came with the train sets as well as some other things like a large green mat. Some things are damaged and a little dusty/dirty but I figured I can pick up around $ 700/800 bucks for all this on eBay, is this realistic? how should I sell all this crap to get the most money I can? The sooner the better too since I think we are moving in a few weeks. Ive never really sold any of my old crap (Im 16) so help would be appreciated.

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Answer by Hayley
Sell it for how ever much you want to and be reasonable at the same time.

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