Dec. 2012 (#5) Passenger Trains Around the Christmas Tree

Track #1 (outer loop) Union Pacific E7 (Williams) pulling 6-car Williams “City of San Francisco” streamliners; Track #2: Rock Island Alco FA1 (Williams) pulling 10-car RailKing “Golden Rocket” streamliners; Track #3: New York Central (Williams) Fairbanks Morse Trainmaster pulling 7-car (Lionel) “20th Century Limited streamliners; Track #4: Santa Fe E3 (RailKing) pulling 5-car (Williams) “Super Chief” streamliners; Track #5: Western Pacific F3 (RailKing) pulling 8-car “California Zephyr” (RailKing) O27 streamlineres; Track #6: Milwaukee Road (RMT) Rail Diesel Cars; Track #7: Chicago Transit Authority (RailKing) 4-car Rapid Transit train.
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The Polar Express – Christmas Comes to Lionel Town

Here’s an effort to use the layout as a movie set, featuring the Polar Express train set by Lionel, with all the add-on cars, the elf hand car, and some animated scenes by Lamaze. Editing by Pinnacle Studio 11. Ride of the Valkyries by Richard Wagner. Keep the volume up to get the full effect of “the surprise”. Hope you enjoy.

Rich’s Spectacular Christmas Layout – 1/9/11 ©

Club member, Rich, opened up his Christmas layout to the club. He’s using Lionel FasTrack (over 210 feet) set-up in his living room. There are 3 villages, 6 trains running, 14 feet of the Santa Fe Super Chief (Golden Gate Cars 22″ Long). Rich also has a modified Polar Express. It has TMCC, back-up light on tender, coal glowing boiler, remote coupler & sounds. There is 1 ZW rigged to 4 separate tracks, and six remote TMCC switches. The layout was designed using RR Track program.
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