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Northeastern chances?

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Question by : Northeastern chances?
I have applied to Northeastern Early Action Program and was deferred from Early Action to Regular Decision. Now I just want to know what you guys think my chances are of actually getting into the university so here is my application in a nutshell.
SAT: 660 Reading; 650 Writing; 640 Math; 10 Essay and Composite: 1310; Total:1950
G.P.A: 3.3/4(This is approx. from my school’s 4.6 scale where i got a 3.6/4.6, but I don’t know how colleges change them) Classes: 1 Honors Junior Year 2 A.P. Senior Year
Extra Activities: Over 150 hours volunteering at local hospital, Over 100 hours as a trained EMT working with my town’s First-Aid Squad, Stage-Crewed and Performed in several plays/musicals at my high school, wrote for the school newspaper, and I’m part of several clubs at school.

On top of that I got 2 kick-*** recommendations, wrote a pretty good essay if I say so myself and have basically gone to every event this school is at to let them know I’m interested. So all in all what do you think my chances of being accepted are? Please and Thank you for the help.

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Answer by Max
Your GPA is probably average for the school….
SATs look solid…right in the middle 50% of admitted students
ECs look pretty good

I’d say you have a good chance of getting in. They accept a lot of students anyways so they are not extremely selective like BC or Tufts for example where you would probably not get into those schools with your numbers. But Northeastern you have a good shot. If anything – you would be waitlisted but I can’t see why they would deny you.

PS – I personally got accepted into Northeastern. I am from mass… but I did not go there!

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Is it possible that a child can get electricuted with a Lionel Electric train set? Ive heard that the chances?

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Question by Dave Bello: Is it possible that a child can get electricuted with a Lionel Electric train set? Ive heard that the chances?
are practically null?????

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Answer by Ben H
Provided that the transformer is in good condition, the track is completely isolated from the wall current.

The design of the transformer is such that the current is limited to a level where it’s not possible to be injured.

I’ve felt a slight “buzz” off of some transformers when accidentally touching the two terminals. It hasn’t been strong enough to cause me any harm whatsoever.

Occasionally, an old(or new) transformer will be damaged to where there’s some “leakage” from the primary side of the transformer, which plugs into the wall, to the secondary side, which is connected to the track. Usually, this happens in a transformer where the coils are slightly loose on the core, allowing them to vibrate and abrade the varnish coating on the core, and allowing conduction between them. The transformer has to receive some other damage, like being dropped, in order for this condition to be present in the first place.

All vintage transformer should be tested for leakage. Authorized Lionel service stations, and independent Lionel repairmen like myself have a very sensitive test instrument which will show primary to secondary leakage. Any transformer which shows leakage should be disposed of, or at least disabled to the point where it’s not repairable, as there’s no repair for leakage.

Also, a transformer which hums loudly should be checked, and, if not showing leakage, the cause of the humming repaired.

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