Trains At Canal Street In Downtown Chicago July 14, 2011

Sorry about how long this video is. I did not want to upload this video in parts. The next thing I did after watching trains at the Amtrak yard near 21st Street was go to canal Street. This is one place I have always wanted to railfan my entire life. I finally got the chance to do so. Ross (94amtrak), his dad, & I headed over to watch trains here. I was more then pleased with the number of Metra,Amtrak, & CTA “L” trains I caught. We were only here for about an hour & half & this is how much I saw! Ross & I liked the location so much we went to canal street a few hours before I had to leave on the eastbound Amtrak Capital Limited on July 18th. That will be a video I will upload in the future I strongly recomend Canal Street to any railfan who visits Chicago. In this video you will also see Metra F40PH #163 which I caught at Canal Street at 11:57 in the video. The next video from my Chicago area trip will be of the Metra Electric. Video property of metraF40PH163
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Train Over Frozen Canal

Train Over Frozen Canal
electric train sets
Image by tj.blackwell
A Transpennine express train glides out of Leeds Railway Station high above frozen waterways; beginning a tough journey through snowdrifted northern mountain ranges towards Manchester. All of the ice currently encrusting the overhead wires of our railway lines makes for a quite a show whenever an electric train is in motion. They’ve been sparking like dodgem cars during the cold snap.

25,000 volts of misplaced current can generate some stunning blue arcs of electricity, which is a pretty spectacular sight at night. I’ve wished I had my camera with me on a few evenings coming home from work lately – the effect looking out of the train window is so surreal when the passing countryside is illuminated by the electrical contacts above the train glowing and flickering like a welder’s torch.