What is a country called when this happens?

Question by foofy2u2: What is a country called when this happens?
If the government takes over major companies ( Bank of America, GM etc) what kind of a country is it. What will the next step be to keep on keeping the people safe and secure? I am getting some kind of weird feeling like I have seen this before in the 1930-1945 era. Not here in America but in another country that I just can’t bring to mind. Can someone help me with this?
No other country took over the businesses I mentioned but similar happenings.

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Answer by dobberx
You may want to check your facts.

The US hasn’t taken over any major company.

The US owns less than 30% of the stock of GM. That’s temporary.

The US doesn’t own any part of Bank of America.

heavens! we saved jobs! EVIL

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What can you tell me about toy cars (not train) made by Lionel train co that are called revolvers–flip over?

Question by blstinson: What can you tell me about toy cars (not train) made by Lionel train co that are called revolvers–flip over?
Flip them over and they are another model car.

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Answer by HVAC Man
Yup your title says it.

And theres an auction on ebay right now you can get 2 cases for 99 bucks

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My dog called a bad boy?

Question by Jane: My dog called a bad boy?
So I was in a new pet store today just checking things out and getting my toy poodle socialized. This was a small independent pet store so there were 7 cats here and there, 2 dogs, rabbits in crates, dog grooming in the back, so called “dog training” after store hours and lizards all ran by one person. It was more like a zoo/circus, just to give you guys an idea of the environment.

I was in line behind a guy who had a mastiff that looked under a year old maybe 90lbs that was easily the most excited animal in the store, (all other animals were laying on the ground sleeping or sitting) So when his dog sees my dog he comes over and starts sniffing my dog happily with his tail wagging, and I’m sure not knowing his own strength against a 10 lbs dog he pushes his muzzle under my dogs stomach and my dog hops around to avoid this overwhelming greeting, but when the mastiff continues to advance, my dog growls and gives a warning snap/bark. I then walk the opposite direction to give space and have my dog sit nicely by my side. The guy pulls his dog back and says something like “hey don’t be a bad boy.”

THEN the store owner says, “It wasn’t your dog that was being bad.” Maybe I’m being biased but 90lbs vs 10lbs and a warning communication signal equals a bad boy?? The same dog that just greeted 7 cats 2 bunnies, 4 dogs nicely is now a bad boy for being pushed over by a dog 10X it’s size and weight?? I know the guys dog meant no harm, and my dog is not perfect….yet. BUT as a knowledgeable dog owner I would never call another dog a BAD boy because it was defending itself.

I don’t allow my toy dog to be coddled or held when we’re out socializing nor do I ever allow it to show aggressive behavior towards anything. If my dog reacts in a way I dislike, I immediately redirect and show him what to do instead without using negative verbal markers.

What do you guys think?
sorry for some of the details that might of confused some of you. To clear things up, the store owner was saw the whole deal as she was waiting for payment from the guy and her comment was with the mastiff owner but about my dog. She did not say it lightly, but a rolling eyes attitude. I took offense because the store owner teaches dog training classes and yet made this comment. Sorry if the story was confusing, I was trying to shorten it as much as possible.
Yea I think I am overly sensitive when it comes to people making negative comments about my dog, even if it’s not that bad, because I put a lot of time and effort into them. Thanks for hearing me out though and for all the comments.

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Answer by Rayven ~ Here we Go Again
Are you even sure the guy was even talking to your dog in the first place? you aren’t even sure of what he said exactly so far all you know he was talking to his dog.

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