HiDef: A Busy Norfolk Southern Pittsburgh Line

With about 60 trains a day, action on this line is non-stop. Here, on June 26th, we visit the eastern portion of the Pittburgh Line, which cuts through the heart of Pennsylvania along the Juniata River, and look at spots as Bailey around Milepost PT 128, Mexico at PT 148.7 and at Mifflin interlocking in downtown Mifflintown, around PT 153. Bailey, just east of Newport: 12G – 0642 hrs NS D9-40CW 9334 NS D9-40CW 9288 406 – 0706 hrs NS D9-40CW 9202 NS D9-40CW 9835 407 – 0925 hrs NS D8-40CW 8450 “Conrail Quality” NS SD60I 6763 Mexico, in the middle of Amish farm territory and with Tuscarora Mountain in the background, is at PT 148.7 with signals and a defect detector. Tuscarora Mountain tops out at about 2100 feet in this area, and to think that 100 miles west on the Pittsburgh Line trains are topping the Gallitzin summit at that height! 14G – 1012 hrs NS ES40DC 7693 NS D9-40CW 8893 21E – 1056 hrs NS SD70M-2 2744 without a K5LLA NS D9-40CW 9354 The Mifflin Signals in Mifflintown, the beautiful PRR signal bridges have since been replaced with modern vaders. 26T – 1124 hrs NS D9-40CW 9801 NS SD70M-2 2760 13G – 1126 hrs NS D9-40CW 9269 NS SD60I 6750 Just outside of the town, a little bit east down the river, there is a grade crossing at River Road. 21J – 1215 hrs NS D9-40CW 9505 NS SD70M 2635 NS D9-40CW 9201 Back to Mexico for a rumbling duo of deuces: 23W – 1233 hrs NS SD70M-2 2676 NS SD70M-2 2671 (20T at Cove was on June 21st while driving by the area, Cove is just west of
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HiDef: Three Trains at a Busy CP Prescott

February 7, 2009: W4A lines up at Prescott to wait on two fast-pace eastbounds. W4A is first seen at the 81 signal tower (just west of Myerstown) with the 79.9 detector sounding. Power for W4A (34A’s second/late section) is: NS SD70 2505 (P3 horn) NS D8-40CW 8394 NS GP38-2 5070 (High-Hood) NS D9-40CW 8907 NS SD60I 6736 The train has a monsterous high and wide; and crosses 2 to 1 at CP Prescott after two… Y02 comes east with: NS ES40DC 7582 NS D9-40CW 8964 14G comes east with: NS D9-40CW 9416 NS SD70M-2 2746
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Dolton Industry Park, a busy day

2 arriving and 2 departing trains, one IHB train each way and one Chessie train each way, plus the various switching activities make this operating session very busy. All cars moved during the opearting session featured in this video were virtual interchange car moves. Video is on my Dolton Industry Park HO scale model railroad switching layout. Around 20 minutes long.