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Window Tableau, Dry Brush Version

Friday, December 30th, 2011

Window Tableau, Dry Brush Version

Image by cobalt123
Dry brush filter version of the original photo, taken through the glass of The Country Store in Quemado, New Mexico. The next image is a version that used the watercolor filter instead. I think that the next version is my favorite. Appreciate any comments on any of these three versions.

Where can I buy a very nice paint brush holder?

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

Question by Jen: Where can I buy a very nice paint brush holder?
My uncle is a model railroader, and it’s very hard to find a good gift for him. I’ve noticed that in his work station he keeps his pain brushes in a tin can, and I thought that I nice gift for him would be an ascetically pleasing wooden pain brush holder. I have done some searching however, and I can only find ones for kids, or ones that do not look all that nice. I’d really like to get him something special, but I cannot find anything. Do you know where I could buy one?

Best answer:

Answer by The Z
Jack Richeson makes some very nice ceramic brush jars which you can find at most any fine art supplier, maybe even Michaels. Look on-line to see what I’m referring to. You might find a local ceramics store or artist group who can hook you up with something nice.

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