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MARC Commuter Trains on the Brunswick Line

Friday, March 1st, 2013

On November 23, 2010 we catch the morning rush of MARC trains at two hot locations, Point of Rocks, MD and Dickerson, MD. We catch 3 different type of diesels from the roster, GP39H-2, GP40WH-2, and MP36PH-3C, including station stops and track speed trains, got to love the heavy throttle when pulling (excuse me…pushing) out of the station! Point of Rocks ——————— P874 – 06:16 MARC MP36PH-3C 25 P89223 – 06:31 (Off of the Frederick Line) MARC MP36PH-3C 14 Q373 – 06:44 CSX D8-40CW 7330 CSX D8-40C 7495 P876 – 06:44 MARC GP40WH-2 56 MARC GP40WH-2 51 P878 – 07:20 MARC GP40WH-2 60 Dickerson, MD ——————— P894 – 07:52 MARC GP39H-2 70 MARC GP39H-2 72 P880 – 08:02 MARC MP36PH-3C12 Special thanks to Austin and Mark MacDougall for the trip invitation.
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HO Scale B&O Action – Brunswick RR Museum

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Follow one of the Brunswick Railroad Museum’s HO Scale Baltimore and Ohio Passenger trains through Silver Spring, Rockville, and Barnesville Maryland and a B&O Freight through Barnesville and Silver Spring. The layout takes up much of the museum’s third floor, and represents the Washington DC to Brunswick Metropolitan Subdivision as it appeared around 1960

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