CITV IVC and ad break 1988 (06.12.88)

Here is some CITV (Children’s ITV) in-vision continuity and an ad break from late 1988, from the days when Mark Grainger hosted it. This clip is from my personal collection. It starts with the end of the Sooty Show – I think this episode is entitled “On The Piste”, it carried a 1986 copyright date, and was originally broadcast on Wednesday 21st January 1987. Obviously, this has to be a repeat. Then some IVC from Grainger at the CITV studio at Central’s Broad Street Birmingham studios (ATV Centre/Central House), in which he trails Palace Hill, and and ad break, with ads for Bros’ “Push” debut album, “The Vampire” board game from Waddington’s, Kellogg’s Rice Krispies, Toys ‘R’ Us, Nintendo Entertainment System (Rob the Robot), Hornby train sets, “Bewitched” board game from Waddington’s, and the “Absolute ABBA” hits compilation from Telstar (a historical predecessor to the smash-hits “ABBA Gold” album of 1992), and then back to Grainger, who trails Gilbert’s Fridge, and then links over to Count Duckula. With apologies for the abrupt end, as it was accidentally re-recorded with a few minutes of some weirdo BBC2ish schools programme. Now, looking at the FremantleMedia database ( )for the Sooty Shows they have in the archive, there was a gap in the Sooty season that ran fro September to December ’88. That gap was between “Royalty” (Tue 29.11.88) and “Get Your Skates On” (Tue 12.11.88) for somewhat reason. So, I believe this repeated episode filled

4.5 octave range, difficulties with high F break note?

Question by Kenzie: 4.5 octave range, difficulties with high F break note?
i have a 4.5 octave range (about a c3 to a g6). my problem is my break note, which is about a high g or f#. i have difficulties with it because i can’t sing exactly on it (as is true with most break notes…) i can switch between registers, but have trouble going up and down in a scale right on that note. i have had no formal vocal training. please help! i need to work through this break.

Best answer:

Answer by Erin Campbell
I’d suggest just going over and over it again and again. When you come to that one note, sing it over and over, just that note and the few surrounding it. I find coming down easier, but do both equally. Also, using lip trills to work through problem notes is a good help, it regulates your air flow, and your problem could be with lack of air, or too much air.

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13..365 | Prison Break

13..365 | Prison Break

Image by Katkamin
While I’m busy doing my 365s, my husband has been working on his n-scale train set. Since he’s had so much construction on the premises, he hasn’t had the resources to ramp up security, and therefore the prisoners were able to stage a prison break! Looks like they’re planning to grab some munchies for the road and high-tail it out of here on that train.

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