Does black Apple Barrel paint melt styrofoam balls?

Question by Me: Does black Apple Barrel paint melt styrofoam balls?
I was wondering because I got to do a model on the phases of the moon.

on the Apple Barrel paint it says Acrylic Paint.

• Permaneent
• Fast Drying
• Waterbase High-quality, all purpose acrylic paints.

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Answer by Diane B.
Nope… acrylics won’t dissolve polystyrene foams, but “enamel” type paints will (those that clean up with paint thinner/etc instead of with water). It may take two coats though, or a coat of gesso then the acrylic to get good coverage.

Here’s the info from my site about paints/etc and ps foams:

… any type of paint can be used on ps foams as long as they don’t contain petroleum-based solvents … so acrylics (liquid or spray), latex, etc. are okay
……. if using *non-permanent* paints though (poster paint, watercolor, chalks, etc), you’ll probably want to seal those afterwards (with diluted permanent white glue, clear acrylic spray, water-based polyurethanes, etc.
… for attaching things, you can also apply a permanent white glue, then coat that with the colored flocking and bits of landscaping grasses, sand, gravel, etc. (coarse to fine) that’s sold for making model railroading scenery, as well as with larger bits for “scrub” bushes, rocks, trees, etc…. as above, can also shape foams to look like large rocks, hills, cliffs, etc.
….for heavier duty items, you can also apply coatings of hypertufa, various other cement mixes, etc.


Diane B.

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Why black Africans don’t make automobiles, electric bullet trains, airliners like Chinese do?

Question by : Why black Africans don’t make automobiles, electric bullet trains, airliners like Chinese do?




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Answer by ℓσνє мє ∂єα∂
African Americans also aren’t reusing needles to save money and giving hep c to kids.

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