Mountains to the Adriatic 09 – Part 1: Beograd – Bioce, July 4 – 7

Start of a great week long trip to Crna Gora (Montenegro) and Dalmatia (coastal region of Croatia). Arriving at Belgrade by D 341 from Vienna, watching express trains at Belgrade (sometimes I cranked up the speed a little, otherwise you could fall asleep ;-)), including one of the last grey 461s and coaches from at least 10 different countries. For the spectacular trip Beograd – Podgorica please see one of my first YouTube videos: “The Beograd – Bar Line”. Bioce is located between Podgorica and Mala Rijeka bridge at the mountainside of Mala Rijeka valley, on the other side of which the line can be seen again. Night trains and daytime express trains coming up and down the line, including one freight and a class 461 double.
Video Rating: 5 / 5