OERM Behind the Rails with Bill Everett’s Model Trolley Layout

In This Episode of Behind the Rails, Orange Empire Railway Museum goes on location to OERM member Bill Everett’s traction layout. This is an amazing O scale traction layout that is virtually all scratch built by the hand of Bill.
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Can Anybody Find Anything But Hot Air in the Climate Bill?

Question by dolphin314etc: Can Anybody Find Anything But Hot Air in the Climate Bill?
This question is asked sincerely by a lifelong enviro. A supporter of Al Gore. But this bill appears to have been written by the coal companies based on 25 year old ideas, many of which were accepted by G.W. Bush the Moron President.

The whole idea of the market based solution — the cap and trade solution — making a market in pollution permits — maybe having them brokered through a firm like Enron — which I think did actually broker some of these permits for a while — that idea is 25 years old. It is not change. It’s just slapdash legislation based on making the old dregs by bygone ideas look like a new bill by updating the year and putting a new cover on it. It’s like the old news that CBS, NBC, and ABC purvey — stuff from a few weeks ago — offered today as your “news”.

Nobody in America is willing to do any part of their job anymore. It’s a nation of AWOL officials and AWOL staffers and AWOL employees.

If they wanted a real climate bill, they would have included funding for the hydrogen technology. Ways to electrolytically dissociate water efficiently. Ways to store hydrogen efficiently. Ways to burn hydrogen in fuel cells, or in turbines (possibly combined with methane to make hythane (R).

There would have been a huge push for the sorts of thing T. Boone Pickens is recommending. Natural gas powered trains would have been in the mix — and transcontinental tracks for same on the median strips of East West Highways.

Geothermal would have played a huge role. It is a very rich power source in some places, always on, not like solar or wind. Hawaii could power all seaborne freight in the Pacific with Geothermal based Hydrogen Fuel Cell Gas.

Tidal Hydro would have been in the bill.

Micro-scale wind generators (egg-beater style) would have beeb there.

The National Energy Spine (super efficient cable from coast to coast) would have been there. This creates conservation by allowing energy to be wheeled from coast to coast so peak loads can be met with cheap energy on both coasts.

Instead we get the ancient mantra “Let’s find a market based solution (that way G.W. Bush The Moron President, and the Republicans can be happy). No breakthroughs please! No movement away from fossil fuels, and certainly no less coal or oil! We’ll just do this with financial manipulations, sort of Enron style, with pollution permits, create a playground for the K Street lobbyists, make it look like we are doing something because what we do is so complicated administratively.That way we can do nothing — and nobody will know.

With or without cap and trade the carbon footprint of the energy plants was bound to be legislatively reduced in future years. Cap and trade just bring Federal Pre-emption and knocks out the states ability to legislate on this matter. It’s a form of state legal dis-ablement. It’s a form of permission to just keep on keeping on — more of the same.

The climate bill looks like a 100% perfect fraud, from the gitgo. Mr. Axelrod thinks it has a fairly good chance in the Senate because of the writing changes that were made at the last minute in the House, and on this he’s probably right. Coal can see when it has a good deal. The whole issue now will be off the table for the next 10 or 15 years, and there are 10,000 ways that the “caps” can be removed or made more lenient, triggered by all sorts of extremely complex micro-pico-nano regulations that only the coal companies have time to figure out and understand and know how to lobby with. They can get out of the caps. They get a vacation for 15 years. They get out from under state laws. Whee ! … this pollution stuff is easy!

All politicians are politicians. Nature is always Nature. So the Canute story is always apt. The vanity and the lies and the fraud never actually trumps nature, so you can count of on the climate to keep warming up and the CO2 levels to keep going up and the sea level and storm damage to keep going up. If we truly wish to stop being a hypocrite nation, we’ve got to get rid of all politicians. Put a truly independent agency in charge of climate change mitigation — something like the Federal Reserve or the FCC or the NRC — it’s got to be able to make and implement rules smoothly and quickly. It’s got to be run by Chairmen with long terms of office, at least 10 years, 15 would be better. The Chairman has to be mission focused, not politics focused. If can’t get around the Canute Problem (The problem that wise King Canute taught his ministers about based upon knowing that Politics never trumps Nature)., we can’t deal with the climate change issue. This new bill, is just more hot air. Maybe you can find something in it and tell me about what you think is there. Anyhow that’s my question, asked by a true blue enviro, an AlGorista (with rhythm, hence an algorhythm, I’m a poet, I know it, float like a butterfly effect, sting like a karma-effect).
For Dana the Master of Science — I know that H2 is not a mobile source fuel and never will be. For fixed point fuel cells, no problem, especially if mixed as Hythane (H2 + CH4). Here is Gao Bwo Fu, Doctus Juris, Magister Plutus to tell you read my book, “Cost-Effective Ways to Comply with the New Clean Air Act”, or my articles published by Herald-Mail.

H2 is not a fuel for mobile sources, but it’s fine for fixed point sources. If you want conversation why do you block all e-mail so I have to use this question extension to answer you? You can reach me by e-mail real easily, master of science (and where is your 600 page book on the subject of hydrogen burning — cause mine is in the libraries). Never smarty-pants a smarty-pants.

Scepticism is next to Godlicism. I know it.

This science-thinker atheist says, “Bless you, keep those good questions coming!”

Best answer:

Answer by Dana1981, Master of Science
Yes. For example, it will help increase fuel efficiency by 25% by 2020.

It requires that utilities produce 20% of their energy from renewable sources and increased efficiency by 2020.

It invests $ 90 billion in energy efficiency and renewable energy by 2025.

It establishes new standards for building efficiency, requiring new buildings to be 30% more efficient in 2012 and 50% more efficient in 2016.

It directs EPA and the State Department to use 5% of the allowances to secure agreements from developing nations to prevent tropical deforestation.

It’s certainly not a perfect bill, but it’s pretty good, and it’s the best we’re going to get in the forseeable future. Plus it’s much better to have a framework in place which we can improve upon in the future than to have nothing at all.

See the link below for a useful summary.

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Bachmann Train Sets – If Bill Gates Was a Model-Railroader

Bachmann Industries, which produces Bachmann train sets, is the world’s largest maker of model trains and railway equipment. By slowly and steadily acquiring larger and larger chunks of the market, but absorbing other makers who have run into trouble, Bachmann is, in a sense, the Microsoft of model-railroading. Most surprising of all is how little time, in relative terms, Bachmann has been in the train set business: the first N gauge products under the Bachmann name appeared in 1968, followed by the HO gauge range in 1970. Since that time, Bachmann train sets can be had in just about all of the major scales, with the exception of diminutive 1:220 Z scale. Your train box may say Lilliput (European, mostly German prototypes) or Graham Farish (British N gauge), but it’s all still Bachmann. As well as its very extensive range of American models from both the steam and diesel eras in N, HO and O gauges, Bachmann has recently begun to fly the flag for some of the more specialized model-railroading niches – narrow gauge modeling.

A word or two about gauge.

Gauge refers to the space between the two parallel tracks that the train runs on. In the real world, by far the largest proportion of mainline railroad tracks are spaced precisely 4 ft 8½” apart. Indeed, it is so ubiquitous that this spacing, 4ft 8½” is referred to as standard gauge. However, some railroads and some whole countries have, for various reasons, spaced the rails closer together. In Southern Africa, Japan, Thailand, the Malay Peninsula and New Zealand, for example, the space is 3ft 6″. In the USA, 3ft was common in mountainous areas, where construction is greatly simplified if narrower gauges are used. Europe still has a number of charming short-lines still in operation today where the gauge is as little as 2ft 6″.

In the model-railroading world, Bachmann, more than any other single manufacturer, makes it possible to experience the singular joys of narrow gauge railroads in HO, O and G gauges. Lilliput, Bachmann’s European subsidiary, makes a range of 2ft 6″ prototype locomotives and rolling stock in HO gauge, while under the Bachmann brand, there is a growing range of On30 models – On30 being 1/48th scale models running on 30″ gauge track – 30″ in the real world, that is; 16.5mm wide on your model railroad. Bachmann’s G scale models represent the big and rather expensive end of the hobby. These are wonderfully large, detailed and chunky pieces of metal and plastic. They steam, they’re ready for digital command control (DCC) and as if this wasn’t enough, they’ll run outside in the garden as well!

Bachmann train sets really do offer a great entry point to the hobby of model-railroading. The catalog shows a number of appealing themed starter sets, for the younger train-fans. The popular Thomas the Tank Engine sets are well represented in this range, but these are good quality model trains, which run on exactly the same HO track as any of the more expensive prototype models made by Bachmann that sell for a higher price. The volume of production and shrewdly targeted marketing by this company means that Bachmann is here to stay and we, the model railroaders of the world are all the more fortunate for it.

Liam is an avid collector of model trains and a gamer enthusiastic. Take a look inside his site: http://spicy-gifts-hobbies.com – for more helpful tips and great offers of Christmas trains, Lionel & Bachmann train sets and more..

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