Bekonscot Model Railway – A Drivers Eye View

This is a Journey around the Bekonscot Model Railway. This is a gauge 1 model railway at Bekonscot Model Village, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire which has 10 scale miles of track, 6 miles of main line and 4 miles of branch line. We ride in the cab of freelance 0-6-0 tank Bruton, our Trip starts at Hanton Station on the Evenlode Branch. We make our way onto the single line section to Hanton where we see SR 2-Bil unit Eastbourne, we pass SR Q class 0-6-0 tender loco Kew at Gulley Junction where we rejoin the main line and see 94xx class, Peter B. we pass through Bekonscot Town Station and up the bank to Greenhaily where we pass through on the fast line over taking GWR Railmotor Dan’s Van. Passing through College Green Tunnels and arriving into North Bekonscot we pass 94xx class, Peter B and make our way to Maryloo where we pass 94xx class, Settle. We now pass under the Signal Box and bake to Gully Junction and retrace our steps to North Bekonscot. For More Information please Visit and join our Facebook Group “Friends of Bekonscot model Village

Garden railway: 10 scale miles MASSIVE: Drivers Eye View of Bekonscot Model Railway

More info at Become a fan of us on Facebook! and The Gauge 1 model railway at Bekonscot Model Village, Bucks. It’s a 10 scale mile model garden railway of 1 scale, in a 1/12 scale miniature village. The line was started circa 1929 and has been updated continuously for 80 years. We strapped a camera to the front of one of the engines and sent it off – we’ve added some subtitles so you can see what you’re passing. Model railways rock. The huge model railway has evolved since those early years, from Bassett-Lowke LNER and GWR outline stock through to modern image British Rail – when at one time, class 47, class 37, Hymek, western class 53, intercity 125 and even DMU stock ran. In the early 1990s, interest in the railway’s heritage regained, and it was decided to revert to a classic 1930s appearance. Therefore you’ll now see classic GWR railmotors, EMU, GWR 94xx tank locos, LMS Jinty, SR Q Class and many more freelance locos on the route. The whole system is controlled by computer, interlocked with hundreds of relays for points and signal operation. Note that the signals are missing in this video, as they are currently all being refurbished. The complex trackwork around Maryloo station is controlled by a Westinghouse lever frame in the signal box (where this video begins and ends) when the signalman wants to intervene. This train was preset to run non-stop – but of course would need to stop if another train was in the block ahead of it