How stop my dog’s destructive behaviour? Help!!!?

Question by : How stop my dog’s destructive behaviour? Help!!!?
I have a year old corgi mix adopted from a rescue as a stray 3 months ago
We leave her alone at home 4 times a week for 7 hours each
Please understand that we are a normal family that has parents that work full time and the children go to school. I know a lot of families just like us that have dogs
So when we leave her alone i give her a walk before
I leave 3 toys and a deer antler for her to chew if shes bored
I ignore her 10 minutes before we leave and 10 minutes after we arrive to reduce her anxiety
I give her a frozen peanut butter and treat filled kong
During the summer we did the exercise where we left her for gradually longer periods

Ive tried anything possible
Weve started leaving her alone longer at the beginning of september and after a month later she started this destructive behaviour
She has never had an accident since she came into our house
She is well behaved when we are home

So today i told my dad that she ripped a wooden sheet or something that HE put back on the coffee table where our dog could easily get when left alone
Two days ago she ripped two dog training books that will cost us 50 dollars
My dad says that if she does it again he will surrender her back to the rescue
Ive put so much work into her and my family put alot of money too
We give her an hour of exercise a day
When we got her she was a high-medium energy dog and now shes much calmer
When i told my dad he used his “chinese dog training” strategy and “showed” her the broken thing and closed her muzzle and smacked her, wasnt hard but i kno his method is not the right thing to do
The method i use is just to be my usual self when i see the broken stuff because what else can u do? U cant just correct her way after shes ripped it apart
Oh and we cant have someone to petsit her because our neighbors wont and the things she rips cost less than the fee of $ 20 a day so my parents obviously wont consider it
What is she missing?
I will be using the bitterapple spray to spray things
But what if she starts chewing things shes never chewed before like the couch or her own bed or our shoes?
We cant do anytjing after she rips things when we arrive back home
She never chews things shes not supposed to when were home
Should we get a puppy fence to block her from the rest of the living room? She can easily jump over things
And we cant leave her outside because there are racoons even if shes had her rabies shot and the weathers getting colder
I know its very long but i just want to tell u how many methods i have tried.
From the very first day we got her she hates the crate
We tried treats, chews anything to make her like iit and it was never used for punishment

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Answer by Andrea
You could block her off from certain rooms, but it would be best to crate train her. Dogs relax when they have a “den” for themselves, and usually as the dogs get older, and you dont need to crate em every time u leave, they still go in there.
you need to be consistant with the crate training. most dogs take time to adapt to their crate, especially if you are home and they are in it. what you do is, before you leave, take her for a walk, tire her out, then put some treats and toys in the crate, put her in the crate and leave, if she is tired she will sleep while you are gone.

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