Can you begin learning guitar on an electric?

Question by Westport: Can you begin learning guitar on an electric?
Is it any easier or harder to learn how to play on an electric Guitar. I have absolutely no musical skills. I have always wanted to learn how to play guitar particularly an electric.

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Answer by Skwucky
I’ve been classically trained for eleven years, though I also play electric. The type of guitar isn’t what makes it hard. I find steel string acoustics harder to play. Classical guitars seem to be easiest to play, though their necks are too wide for some. Electrics aren’t any harder or easier to play to me unless you put on a really heavy gauge string which only makes it a little harder to bar chords and stuff, but you get used to it quickly.

In short, the type of guitar doesn’t make a huge difference in difficulty, but the style of music. Also, in any genre you have both easy and complicated songs. However, classical is many times more complicated than anything else. If you want to pursue a music career or want to major in music, I highly recommend you learn classical first. If you can play that, you can play anything. If you aren’t that serious about music, then just go straight to electric and get a good teacher. You can unwittingly get into a lot of bad playing habits if you’re self taught.

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Let the Holidays Begin With Christmas Train Sets And Other Collectibles

There is something about electric train sets that signify the holiday season for many.  Perhaps it is the glorious window displays of old, when department stores would dress up their storefront windows for for the holidays, often including a snowy landscape through which an electric train would run.  Today, anyone can have a beautiful Christmas train set for use throughout the holiday season.  These Christmas train sets are so lovely, you will want to set yours up after Thanksgiving is done, and leave it up until New Year’s Day, for your own enjoyment and the delight of guests who come to visit your home.

It can be rather complicated to try to build a Christmas train set on your own; however, it is easy to get a complete set that is ready to run when you shop for Christmas train sets online.  You can find trains sets that also feature your favorite National Football League team, or more traditional holiday color themes. There are holiday train sets that also light up, as is the case with the “Budweiser Holiday Express” set. This train set is painted in beautiful bright red, with the Budweiser Clydesdales on the side of one car. This is an HO-scale set and comes with a track that is thirty-eight inches by fifty-six inches long.


If you like Rudolph, then you will love the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer train collection.  This bright red train with green trim on the wheels and artwork comes with holiday trimmings, lights and other characters from the popular Rudolph holiday cartoon.

You will no doubt want to set your new holiday train in an appropriate Christmas village.  There are many available, and they include an NFL illuminated village, a Farmall red tractor illuminated holiday village, a Rudolph village, even a Star Wars Galactic and Nightmare Before Christmas village and more.

You can also decorate your home with an object that fascinates one and all, namely Christmas snowglobes.  When you pick up the globe and turn it upside down, then place it right-side up again, the globe appears to be snowing inside.  Disney offers a lovely musical snow globe that also lights up and has the trademark swirling snow.  Designer Thomas Kinkade also has available a variety of holiday-themed snow globes that feature Victorian homes and other cheery winter scenes.

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