We’ve been had by a Doberman breeder! Now do we keep him or get rid of this poor dog whose used to us!?

Question by Fuzzy: We’ve been had by a Doberman breeder! Now do we keep him or get rid of this poor dog whose used to us!?
We got a Doberman puppy (5 mos old) from what we believed was a “Reputable and responsible” breeder who professes to “specialize in Dobermans for first time owners.” It was a BIG deal to pay her $ 4,400 for our dog. He was $ 3,000 plus $ 1,400 for training that meant he never jumped on our furniture or people, and didn’t chew anything other than his toys or bone. After MANY phone conversations & e-mails, I surprised my husband (who REALLY wanted THIS dog as he was described to him) and bought him. He’s a mess! We’ve paid trainers (former Westminster judges) & vets tell us that we’ve been had! His temperament was sold as “IDEAL companion & STRONG candidate for protection training.” He’s been described as “autistic.” EXTREMELY afraid of people & now spent well over $ 2,000 on tests, Rx’s & foods since he’s had diarrhea from Day 1. We love him & it’s just two of us in a very calm environment. We have NEVER yelled at or hit him, yet he’s so fearful it’s sad. What should we do? Thank you!
We DID do all the research and chose this breeder from many! If you look at the web site, you’ll believe it too! MANY phone conversations took place & shots/medical records were provided AFTER we paid. The catch is that if we NOW look at the web site, it’s VERY clear that it’s very deceptive advertising. For example, there’s a photo and mention of the man who trained the Dobes for that doberman pack robbing a bank movie. What it doesn’t say is “NONE OF THOSE DOGS WERE FROM US!” She apparently gave/sold ONE dog to this man and now cashes in! You wouldn’t figure this out right off the bat. The key to all of this is that she told us on the phone all about this puppy’s parents. After we got him and asked for photos of the sire and dam, THEN for the FIRST time, she said, “Oh, I got him from a breeder friend & don’t know the parents, I’ll send the pedigree. We’ve done EVERYTHING humanly possible to help & keep him but the STRESS is unbearable now, not to mention we’re up to $ 7,000..
I wrote this 4 strangers 2 comment because we DID our homework & it took 5 YRS to buy! I want people to know to what degree of deception & sophistication advertising has gotten! We’re hard working, loving, intelligent people & were dooped! Don’t buy a dog from a breeder any farther than driving distance from your home! Know them, research them, pay for background checks, meet parents of the “to be puppy” & visit the litter from day 1! Pay someone experienced in litter testing to pick your pup! Our 1st choice was keep him NO MATTER WHAT! Unfortunately, it’s getting impossible! The training of $ 1400 is COMMON! He arrived house broken, has never jumped on anything or anyone! Smart breeds like Dobermans are COMMONLY well trained (basic commands) by five mos (to that lawyer who attacked us)! His chronic diarrhea is not bacteria or thyroid & she sold us a “perfect companion dog/STRONG candidate for protection. She lied, he’s a sick & fearful/skiddish sad dog who’s breaking our hearts!

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Answer by Casey B
you can actally sue the breeder and get your money back. Just be sure that you have proof of everything you have done yourself for this poor puppy.

Sounds like she beat/ neglected the pup before giving it to you. You can sue this breeder for false advertisement.

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My son is 3 1/2 (4 in Nov) and had been “potty trained” for about a year now.?

Question by clayjoe: My son is 3 1/2 (4 in Nov) and had been “potty trained” for about a year now.?
For the past 6-8 months or so he has been having “accidents” on a pretty regular basis. Sometimes daily. In fact, today he has wet his pants 4 times! I will punish him by time out or taking away a toy when he does this, but it doesn’t seem to help. Does anyone have any suggestions? We had a new baby 9 months ago and I understand how having a new sibling can make them go backwards in potty training for a while, but I was hoping he would progressively get better, but it seems to be getting worse. Could there be something physically wrong with him?

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Answer by Meghan H
Maybe. There are some physical problems (like juvenile diabetes) that can cause loss of bladder control. You should discuss this with his pediatrician.

Punishing a child for having ‘accidents’ can cause anxiety in the child, which can cause a child to have more ‘accidents’. You might want to try a more rewarding approach – like a sticker chart or a token system.

Anxiety can also be caused by other things, like a new sibling or another stressful change in living situation. Sadly, children who are abused or traumatized will also begin having ‘accidents’ like this, although they usually show many other signs as well.

Hope everything goes well for you!

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