Long Beach “Transit Mall” – California

MTA (Los Angeles’ regional transit system) train at Long Beach, California. Busses from Orange County Transit (OCTA), Torrance Transit, Long Beach Transit (LBTA), MTA and Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) Express can be seen at this, the southern-most terminus of Los Angeles’ rapid-transit network. This was a rare day, as there was a wire-down on the line, and for some reason it was necessary to use these train-sets, ones that quite obviously don’t belong on the ‘Blue’ Line.

Train Ride to the Beach?

Train Ride to the Beach?
electric trains
Image by Atwater Village Newbie
Back in the day, a Pacific Electric red car atop a steel bridge above Fletcher Drive in Atwater Village, Los Angeles, California. More on Atwater Village Newbie.

CREDIT: Transportation photographer and prolific publisher Donald Duke, courtesy Metro Transportation Library and Archive Collection.

(Click ALL SIZES. The original is 2,000 pixels wide. Great detail of the cars, the train, the billboard.)