HD: The Race is On! Two Hot Shot Intermodals Battle it out with Horn and Speed!

Early in the morning on November 21, 2011, two hot shot intermodal trains 20Q and 24K both race eastbound from Harrisburg, PA to Morrisville, PA making one heck of a heart racing sight. Both trains are about 1.5 miles in length, and basically start and end at the same time! Also note the defect detectors in the beginning of the video: tracks one and two announce simultaneously! I woke up that morning, and just happen to decide to take a look at ATCS and noticed 2 trains lined east on opposite tracks all the way from Millards (MP 93.5) to Wyomissing Jct. (MP 61), with no opposing westbound traffic anywhere in sight. The leading train, 20Q (with NS 9878 and NS 9022), on track one, ended up being told to wait for 24K to go first at Wyomissing Jct., evidently, 24K is higher priority, and when the 24K crew heard dispatcher telling 20Q that he would stop, they said, “We just like looking at your engines.” For those of you who don’t know, Wyomissing Jct. is where the Harrisburg Line either enters Reading (which is not possible for 90% of trains because of height restrictions) or temporarily diverges into a single connecting track which leads to the wye at Dunkle where one track heads northeast toward the Reading Line to Allentown and New York City and the other heads southeast to rejoin the Harrisburg Line to Philadelphia. Therefore, one train has to hold a Wyomissing Jct. for the other to pass through the wye before continuing. In this case, both trains were headed to