Bachmann Class 55 Deltic DCC Sound

In this video I’ll take you through all the functions except function 11 which is for the sound volume control. In the next video i’ll show it shutting down. The Super detailing pack that comes with the loco has been fitted, I’ve yet to fit the brass etched name plates that also come as standard. The coaches are by Bachmann & were a limited edition for Harburn hobbies & Model Rail (magazine), all now sold out.
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Bachmann Class 55 Deltic

Here you see 55 001 ST Paddy on a charter train (Modellers license used here as the real 55 001 was one of the 1st of the class of deltics to get scrapped).This loco is the latest addition to my fleet, & long time waited for too. So here you see it in action on what will be the lower level of this layout when it gets finished. The Deltic loco has had it’s pack of super detailed parts fitted, with the exception of the brass etched name plates that also come supplied in the box. I’ll be uploading another video this week showing you all the different functions this DCC sound on board loco has. For more details on the real 55 001 : And more info on this class of loco:

HO Bachmann SP GS-4 Daylight and Lionel NYC Hudson

A video of two of my favorite model train and also real train engines running around my layout. Obviously, the layout is still under construction. The Hudson is very old, I think my grandpa said he bought it in the 60’s, so that is why it is a little loud and doesn’t run really smoothly. It has an awesome smoke effect though. 🙂

How Many Cars will an N Scale Bachmann 2-8-0 Consolidation Pull?

Question by : How Many Cars will an N Scale Bachmann 2-8-0 Consolidation Pull?
Im building an N scale model railroad and I plan on buying this engine. Im going to use it to pull atlas trainman 70 ton Santa Fe ore cars and I need to know how many I can pull with this engine on an over under figure 8 loop. Im using the Bachmann N Scale Pier set to set the height.

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Answer by Wdlane
While I can’t answer your question directly, real railroad grades were generally up to 2% (1 foot rise in 100 running feet = 1%) Anything more than that was pretty a steep grade. Model railroad planning is not much different. I am guessing that any pier set as you mentioned would much be a steeper grade that 2%. If you kept your grades realistic the cars you could pull would also be more correct.

I have seen especially N Scale locomotives pull more cars than the prototype locomotive they are representing. I guess it is a physics thing.

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Bachmann Santa Fe HO DCC Sound

Bachmann FT-A DCC onboard and sound MRC equipped. The sounder was recylcled from a faulty 1638 decoder. DCC controler is Dynamis and tracks is EZ Track Nickel Silver. Composição Santa Fe com uma locomotiva Bachmann FT-A DCC onboard equipada com som MRC. O som foi reaproveitado de um decoder 1638 com defeito na parte de movimento. A central DCC é Dynamis e os tilhos EZ Track de Nickel Silver.

Bachmann Donald and Douglas Review: Thomas & Friends Range UK vs USA!

“Bachmann Donald & Douglas” This is a product review which looks at the Donald & Douglas, the Scottish Twins, models which are the United States of America, and made by Bachmann USA. The models are put through their paces, with style, speed and sheer POWER tested to the limit! The review finishes with a startling conclusion: which will come out on top? Parents will find buying the Thomas & Friends engine of choice easier with Hornby VS Bachmann….! Visit the Hero of the Scales Blog for behind the scenes, sneak previews, and many more! Recommended Retail Prices are correct as of 11/07/2011. Hornby & Bachmann’s Websites: http Wikipedia Links: Special thanks to Leokimvideo for his great help and advice in making this video. The music is from Incomputech and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 licence. The contents of these videos, including all text and photos (except where credited otherwise) are ©Simon AC Martin
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