Amtrak Auto Train to Virginia

Onboard footage and runby footage of Amtrak Auto Train as it travels north from Sanford Florida to Lorton Virginia. Onboard footage recorded Summer 2009. Runby footage recorded in 2008. Highlights: 00:00 Sanford Auto Train Facility 00:44 Switching Autoracks for Auto Train 01:57 Auto Train moving through the facility 03:13 View of the New Station under construction 04:00 Amtrak Auto Train P052 at Benson Junction. Engines #161 & #196. 15 Superliners + 22 Autoracks = 37 cars total 05:47 Jacksonville Florida 06:21 Callahan Florida 06:43 Folkston Georgia 07:56 Fredericksburg Virginia 08:42 Lorton Virginia All rights reserved (C) Jared R. Davis Whistlepost Productions