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V/Line and Metro Trains Melbourne – Country and Suburban Passenger Trains in Australia – PoathTV

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

V/Line’s country and Metro Trains Melbourne suburban passenger trains at West Footscray station – Part 1, early morning (before sunrise, 5am-6:30am) Trains seen are: 0:00Metro Comeng 6 car electric, to Melbourne 0:22 Metro Comeng 6 car electric, to Melbourne 0:52 Metro Comeng, 6 car electric, from Melbourne 1:20 Metro Comeng, 6 car electric, from Melbourne. cross with next train 2:00 V/line “N class” N461 with 4 Harris “H” set cars, to Melbourne 2:14 V/line “Sprinter” 3 cars, from Melbourne 2:30 Metro Comeng 6 car electric, to Melbourne 2:58 Metro Comeng 6 car electric, to Melbourne, cross with next train 3:30 Metro Comeng 6 car electric, from Melbourne 3:53 Metro Comeng 6 car electric, from Melbourne 4:16 V/line “Sprinter” 2 cars, to Melbourne
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Should America, Australia, South Africa import 27,410 hp 217 mph CRH380A electric bullet trains from China?

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Question by : Should America, Australia, South Africa import 27,410 hp 217 mph CRH380A electric bullet trains from China?




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Answer by Jojamjiji
Maybe South Africa could but it’d be too expensive to buy up all the land in the USA to implement any new rail systems.

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Should Canada and Australia import Chinese electric bullet trains and manufacture them under license?

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Question by : Should Canada and Australia import Chinese electric bullet trains and manufacture them under license?




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Answer by I DJ Weddings
Australia should, but not Canada..

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Intercity V Set 4 Cars – Zig Zag, NSW, Australia 2010

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Wednesday 24th of February 2010 The second generation of suburban electric rolling stock began service in 1964 and includes the 1964 vintage Tulloch trailers which were of aluminium construction. Then, in 1972, the first of the stainless steel types appeared. They were a radical departure from the first generation in that they introduced double deck carriages to the Sydney suburban network. TrainSpotterX videos should never be copied for commercial or general applications. All Rights Reserved 2010 ©

CityRail’s Waratah A Set 8 Cars @ Macarthur, NSW, Australia 2011

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

The CityRail A set or Waratah is a class of electric multiple unit operated by CityRail in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The train was named Waratah by the NSW Government after the flower of the same name, which is the state’s floral emblem. The design is based on the M set and is the largest rolling stock order in Australia’s history. The 626 carriages will replace all 498 non-air-conditioned L, R & S set carriages and provide additional capacity for passenger and network growth. Delivery commenced in July 2011 and is expected to end in 2014. The trains consist of eight car sets – a break from the previous standard Sydney practice of two four car sets, which are then coupled into eight car trains. The configuration is: trailer driving car + motor car + motor car + trailer car + trailer car + motor car + motor car + trailer driving car. This means that guards operate from the rear of the train rather than the centre and that commuters are able to walk through the entire train in an emergency. The trains include external CCTV cameras to assist guards. Inside, the train includes additional Emergency Help Points and CCTV cameras. Axis Communicationswas awarded the contract to install the train’s extensive system of 98 CCTV cameras, which are linked together with Power over Ethernet and utilise Progressive scanning technology to allow capturing of events in clear high resolution, with no distortion in quick movement individual frames. The CCTV cameras are designed to
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Where to Find the Best Deals on Model Train Sets and Doll Houses in Australia

Friday, October 14th, 2011

For many children and adults alike, there is something enchanting about doll houses and model train sets. These items have fascinated people for many years and will probably never cease to do so. Doll houses go back a long time, all the way to the sixteenth century when the first items were created and started spreading under the name of “baby houses”. Some claim that the history of doll houses dates back more than five millennia to Egyptian civilizations. However, those ancient models found on archaeological sites can hardly be compared to their modern counterparts, at least not in terms of use and purpose. Still, it is obvious that people have always shown inclinations towards encapsulating their real lives in small objects such as a doll house. Going back to more modern times, dolls houses became widespread during the nineteenth century and have seen a continuous growth in popularity ever since. If you are in a creative mood, you can make your own doll house. There are all sorts of kits available for beginner to experienced level and some claim that you can create doll houses on a budget. However, if you want a true work of art, either as a gift to a child or as a part of your collection, you should check out some of the online offers. There are many models of doll houses to choose from, and some websites offer substantial discounts and free shipping. If you are looking for Australian doll houses and toys, you should know that online department stores offer a large selection of products at very competitive prices. Their doll houses Australia not only feature a huge variety of options but are also exceptionally well-built products. Doll houses Australia come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors to meet even the most peculiar demands. The same great selection, or perhaps even greater, is available for model train sets, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It’s probably safe to say that there’s a toy replica for every type of real train, not to mention that they are available from various manufacturers. If you are new to this hobby and are considering purchasing your first model train set, there are quite a lot of aspects to consider. However, most of them have more to do with personal taste rather than making a wrong choice from a technical point of view. The Internet is abundant in information and guidance on how to choose your first model train set, what elements it should contain or what material it should be made of. I will limit my comment on model train sets to saying that prices vary widely, depending largely on the model, but also on the retailer. It is therefore advisable that you research a little. As with doll houses, there are online department stores where you can purchase a model toy train for a very affordable price and have a minimum of 12 months full warranty. The largest selection and the best deals on model train sets and doll houses Australia is available at online department stores. The big online stores that specialize in model train sets and doll houses usually offer consistent discounts, stocktake sales and free shipping.

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“Fairfield” Model Railway Layout (Queensland Australia) – HO Scale

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Fairfield is a replica of a Brisbane (Queensland Australia) suburban station on the Gold Coast line as it currently is today. What makes Fairfield unique is that interstate trains to Sydney also pass through Fairfield on the dual gauge line at the front of the layout. Most of the Queensland Railways models have been produced by PGC scale models and Black Diamond models. The New South Wales locomotives and rollingstock are available through AR kits, Austrains, Trainorama as well as various other kit and RTR manufacturers. Fairfield was operated by Phil Hadley & Glenn Wright at the Hobsons Bay (Collingwood) 2008 model railway exhibition. Geoff McMahon (Buildings) and Ian Fainges (back scene painting) assisted in presenting Fairfield for your enjoyment. I have added authentic QR train sounds for your viewing pleasure.
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