how much would a antique 1946 lionel train sets sale for?

Question by : how much would a antique 1946 lionel train sets sale for?

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Answer by OMEGAN
Find the web site for Train Collectors of America. (TCA) You should be able to find sources there to lead you to someone that could give you an accurate estimate.

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i have a 1940 union pacific lionel train set. how much would that be to sell it on like an antique thing.?

Question by justin b: i have a 1940 union pacific lionel train set. how much would that be to sell it on like an antique thing.?
and if possible probably a place to sell it on also.

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Answer by EclipseRD
Well it’s going to depend on a number of factors: The specific model/set, how rare it is, how many were built and more than anything else – It’s condition (including, boxes, power transformers and other accessories).

There are a number of books out there that are analogous to the used automobile industry “blue books” which will give you a “ball park” idea on what the model/set could go for.

Again depending on the condition and desirability of your item could easily dictate on where you would want to sell it. Dealers are usually more than happy to put your item on consignment for anywhere from 10-30% commission. If it’s really rare they might be interested in buying it outright. This can be a gray area as they may offer much less than they would sell for in order to make a profit.

Taking it to a train show or other model event and selling it yourself is also an option. Consider the price to purchase table space and entrance fees into how much you want to sell it for. Train “swap meets” auctions and club classified are also great resources.

Do some research for “toy train” clubs/organizations in your area. If you find one, contact them and solicit interest for your set. Members with a keen interest in your set might want certain pieces and not others and you will need to decide if you want to split the set up or not. It might be what makes it sell. Again, someone may steer you in a direction other than what I’ve suggested.

I’ll bring up Ebay (and online auction houses in genral) last since it’s the most risky. Not from a scam point of view but from a profit point of view. Investigate your model/set’s worth as much as possible before you plan on thinking of putting it on Ebay. Review Ebay’s item listing and selling fees and consider what you need out of the “deal” to make it worth it to you. Ebay can net you a lot of money but don’t list the item at “Junkman mentality” prices and out price the item. If you are familiar with online auctions then great. If not, I would suggest a lot of study and education to understand how they work and what you need to know in order to successfully sell on them.

Good luck to you!

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Antique Lionel Trains – Hey Hey, My My – A Lionel Train Will In no way Die

The most recent tools and controllers enable an individual to simply operate multiple trains on the exact layout with total independent command.


Most O Gauge Lionel trains operate on 18 volt alternating current. The AC present is improved or reduced with the use of what is named a rheostat. Some trains also have a feature, a gear enabling them to operate absolutely powered without moving, like neutral on a motor vehicle. This ‘neutral’ gear happens when you throttle your train down to or even when you go from forward to reverse. Railroads have been the 1st symbol of modern transportation and men and women would check out authentic locomotives operating down the track with their lengthy line of vehicles and picture what it would be like to hop aboard and to be carried to some new and distinct spot. Later on when the real railroads began dying out miniature railroads would develop into a part of America’ romantic history a lot like the aged west and the mountain males of aged.


A person of the things that designed Lionel model trains in these higher demand was the excellent of their construction and the good focus to detail that went into each and every locomotive, each vehicle and every last setting up, individual and piece of track. There are two styles of Lionel trains that tend to get the most consideration Prewar Lionel trains and Post-war Lionel Trains.


Publish War trains refer to those created from 1945 to 1969, which was a turning position for the firm which had ceased manufacturing of trains in the course of WWII. Through the war, Lionel, like a lot of other companies was asked to shut down creation and shift creation to equipment used in the war. With Pre-War Lionel trains, the distinguishing function was their vivid shades which were popular among gals purchasers as perfectly as their kids. Publish war Lionel trains reflected a new era which did not include things like the exact same brilliant, unrealistic colors as the pre-war trains, but they did having said that have quite a few new characteristics which built them exceptional. Publish war Lionel trains additional new and enjoyable features like the potential to add oil or tiny tablets which developed smoke, just like a true train. Through this time it was O-Gauge trains that played the greatest part in the corporations return to regular operations and young people ended up fairly pleased with these new options.


Through the publish war era, Lionel trains were offering swiftly and the only other firm that came near to rivaling Lionel was American Flyer, however Lionel nevertheless outsold American Flyer by at minimum one hundred%. Good reasons for train collectors chasing these relics shouldn’t be any more challenging to figure than the good reasons why individuals gather any other antique goods: craftsmanship, pleased reminiscences of easier instances past, or as an inflation-evidence investment. We all know that antique-something charges just continue to keep shifting one way, don’t they?


For starters, newcomers to this region of gathering must be knowledgeable that there are two kinds of “previous model train sets” out there. There’s the actual offer and there are the brand name new reproductions of antique Lionel trains that are manufactured by a variety of specialist companies. Will they retain the value of their invest in value? Very difficult to say. So rarity, condition and completeness are the three key parameters that govern selling price. At the time of writing this, a quick glance on eBay uncovered autos from the ’20s and ’30s going for concerning -$ fifty per item.

A model train hobbyist for around fifty decades.  Have owned Lionel trains since the 1950’s

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Special Feature – Toy Trains and Antique Lionel Model Trains

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