RC Trains!? Another “best kept secret” in Sibley, Iowa

The NW Iowa Railroad club invited me to see their Model Train layout. It is very interesting to see what these folks do. I never knew the Trains were radio controlled, along with the switches and lights, etc. These folks are anxious to show off their trains, so give em a call if you want to bring your class for a tour or just want to come down and watch the fun yourself. Call for appointment in the off season, or stop by when the Osceola county Fair is running. The club is always looking for new members too, so if your interested, Give Denny Davids a call 712-754-3996 for more information on the Otter Valley Railroad from the NW Iowa Model Railroad Club. Thanks for watching. Dave
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how to make a site open in another window?

Question by malc: how to make a site open in another window?
Hello can some one help me I want to open a site from another site this html opens it in the same window, not what I want. thank you
href=”http://www.elc.co.uk/toy-41147″> Chunky Train

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Answer by nicsgirlus
after your website put target=blank>
http://whateversite.com” target=blank>

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Another speaking as one of them….?

Question by Mike M.: Another speaking as one of them….?
If I, a model railroader, lost my concentration while enjoying my hobby…Does that mean my train of thought been derailed?

DISCLAIMER:This question should not in nay way what-so-ever be misinterpreted as chatting.

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Answer by Marilyn
Well, if I were to be in your presence, without a stitch of clothing on, could we then say that your concentration would be like that of the wreck of the old 97?

If so, then yes, I’d say that it would be “derailed” so to speak. lol

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Another question for model railroaders…?

Question by Mike M.: Another question for model railroaders…?
What’s the very best way to learn about digital command control? (DCC)

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Answer by mariner31
Hmmm… I read the SEVERAL books published by Kalmbach Publishing / Model Railroader Magazine regarding DCC… starting with “DCC Made Easy – DCC for your Model Railroad” by Lionel Strang.

I also have a subscription to Model Railroader Magazine and their website which have CONSTANT articles and forums on the subject.

It (DCC) is the greatest thing to happen to the hobby since Flex-trak !! Wiring is SO much more simple than on an old DC system, and Operations are a BLAST !!

I run a 10’x12′ bedroom shelf layout with a large-yard, two heavy industries, a commuter train, and 2 hidden yards… I can now be running a LONG coal consist with TWO locos pulling, a LONG intermodal consist with THREE locos pulling, my Commuter line, and two yard engines… ALL at the SAME TIME !!


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Another question about model railroading?

Question by Mike M.: Another question about model railroading?
If model railroading is such a wondeful hobby, then why is it not considered a national past time like baseball?

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Answer by don’t hate snowflake
because its not THAT wonderful of a hobby, and not as popular as baseball, besides, the trains can’t take steroids and because ridiculously inflated for our entertainment.

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