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Lionel Coast Guard & Alton Limited Pacific train sets

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

2 more sets from my “O” Gauge train collection. No fancy video editing, just HD video direct from my iPhone 4. I hope you enjoy it. Lionel Coast Guard Set (Appr. 1996) Set # 6-11905. Yellow Lifeguard boat (Lionel # 6-16970) and model Coast Guard helicopter were purchased separately. I mounted the helicopter on the original crane car that came with the set. Lionel Alton Limited Pacific w RailSounds. # 6-38657 Lionel Alton Limited Madison Passenger Car Set. # 6-35124 Quick Train Tip: Keep your track clean and dust-free for best performance. Be sure to buy a good track cleaning product from your local hobby shop. A small vacuum cleaner works great for picking up loose dust that has settled on the track.

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