Innowattech breakthrough in alternative energy from road traffic

An Israeli company, Innowattech Ltd., in cooperation with Israel National Roads Company, has recently tested the IPEG™ (Innowattech Piezoelectric Generator) system in the first of its kind pilot project along a ten-meter stretch of highway in Israel. The technology developed by Innowattech in association with Technion IIT (Israel Institute of Technology) is based on piezoelectric materials that enable conversion of mechanical energy exerted by the weight of passing vehicles into electrical energy. One kilometer of Innowattech’s generators along a single lane is capable of producing an average of 200 KWh per hour, sufficient electricity to provide for the average consumption in 200-300 households provided approximately 600 heavy trucks or buses travel through the interval per hour on average. The harvested electricity may be supplied to various road-side applications, such as traffic lights, billboards, enforcement cameras, signs, etc., as well as transferred into the electric grid. The technology may also be used for road data collection (Smart Road). The technology does not increase the vehicles’ fuel intake or affect the road infrastructure. It is not affected by weather conditions and allows electricity to be harvested near the end consumer. Innowattech has also developed the technology for harvesting energy from movement of trains, airplanes and pedestrians, to be tested within months to come. For more information, please visit or contact Yael
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Is there an alternative for water on model railroad layouts?

Question by AJ: Is there an alternative for water on model railroad layouts?
I have a bridge that has nothing that goes under and need to add a small creek that goes through it. And I don’t really have the money to get the Woodland Scenics water right now. I just want to know of an inexpensive way to make a creek/river that looks realistic. Thanks, AJ.

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Answer by StevenQ
Try a bottle of Future floor wax. It’s 100% clear acrylic. You can dab it into the creekbed with a brush and it cleans up with Windex. Add more layers as needed, and very inexpensive. I use it as a clear sealer on my models before applying decals. If it dulls over time you can just add another coat.

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