HO Scale Model Railroad Airplanes and Boats?

Question by Jason B: HO Scale Model Railroad Airplanes and Boats?
What is a good scale in model airplanes and boats for matching it with HO scale trains

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Answer by Phoenix
Ho scale is 1/87th. Any model that comes close to 1/87th usually will do nicely. For airplanes, Walthers made, a few years back, both a P-51 Mustang and the C-47 / DC-3 cargo-passenger airplane in 1/87th scale. The model could be made either as a military aircraft (C-47) or a civilian (DC-3) aircraft. Some of the older hobby shops such as Ram Hobbies in Chicago may still have a couple on their shelves, or at least Ram did three months ago. Sea Port Model Works and Frenchman River Model Works both produce a number of small fishing type boats. Noch makes sail boats and small barge/tug boats. B & G Train World in Elgin, Illinois did have a couple of small boats in stock last week when I was there. Hope this is of help. Phoenix

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