My Dad’s MTH and Lionel train layout 8/31/2010

This was taken a while back in August during my vacation to Florida. Here we will see some of my dad’s MTH train layout. My dad has a NJ Transit ALP-44 with 4 comet 2 coaches, one Acela Express, an Amtrak AEM-7 and HHP-8 with amfleet cars. My layout will not be up for a while because I have a lot of building to do and I am back in school. Anyway as of now this is my dad’s layout. I know it is basic right now but soon it will be moved and expanded. Right now I also have a NJ Transit ALP-44 and 5 comet 2 coaches. I also have 2 NYC Subway trains, a Conrail freight, and an Amtrak Genesis diesel with Superliners. Here we will see the trains run around and making station stops. Enjoy! Thumbs Up, Comment, and Subscribe!
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