Custom Model Railroad Silver Series HO Scale 16×8

Welcome to the AER Group! We are a custom model railroad design and facbrication company offering beautifully handcrafted N, HO, O or G Scale Model Railroads. Located in Covington, Kentucky our eleven hundred foot facility offers custom benchwork and layout design for your home or business. We start all of our projects by determining the size and operating location of your layout. As a team we consider both the timeline and operating budget to satisfy production expectations. Other key elements we focus on are your imagination and operating experience to blend a particular operating era, season or theme. Here we have for consideration the AER Groups Custom Model Railroad Silver Series 16′ x 8′ “L” shaped layout.This is one of our most popular style layouts built in a modular type fashion allowing the sections to be moved or replaced as needed. Made of 1×4 number #2 pine framing, this layout offers many features and years of enjoyment. This modular style construction design allows you to grow your railroad by adding or removing sections effortlessly with plug-n-run connections that allows for quick electrical hook up. The table height is 40″ to enable you to reach across the layout without ladders or steps. This layout has over a dozen turnout’s two single mains (one elevated), a larger yard for switching that can be expanded, five sidings and two passing tracks offer a tremendous amount of opportunity in creating any era or season. We can expand this layout to larger or
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