158/365 – Scavenger Hunt #6

158/365 – Scavenger Hunt #6
ho scale trains
Image by oblivion9999
Model train, check x3. Top to bottom: Lionel O-Gauge – The locomotive and tender as well as all of the trackage and accessories that I have were my dad’s and he passed it all down to me. The caboose is the one car I’ve bought. Classic Christmas tree train. HO-Scale – I’ve never actually know that locomotive to run. It’s always been dead. The one loco I used to run was in pieces. This one looks better. I picked up the Soo Line boxcar at a flea market a whle ago. My folks met while working at the Soo Line and my dad put in thirty-some-odd years there. Don’t look now, but that caboose has no trucks. I haven’t had a running HO layout since I was 5 or 6. N-Scale – I DISTINCTLY remember the Christmas morning on which I got this train. They were wrapped in plain white tissue paper. I had a pretty cool N-Scale layout that my dad built after he won a mess-load of cars and two locomotives at a church auction or casino night or something. But for some reason I HAD to have an Amtrak train. I swor it went SO much faster than the other trains. Not really likely, but hey, I was a kid. When I was 13 or so, I dismantled the N-Scale layout because I was going to rebuild it better. Yeah, right. Stupid kid. I think my dad was heartbroken. Other than a simple circle with a spur, I haven’t run the N-Scale trains since then. I’ve got a TON of cattle cars – all different. For some reason, that was my thing.

Cheeseburger, check, but WAY overdone. I left it on the grill too long while assembling all of the trains.

Hug, check! Best hugger ever.

This was my last Scavenger Hunt effort. Sunday is reserved for a special event. I think I missed out on 5 or 6 items.