Lionel Postwar #1534w O-Gauge Train Set in True HD 1080p

This is the train set that, for me, started it all. This year it turns 55 and it still runs fine. It was a gift from a long departed uncle when I was just a baby but I’ve had it ever since. Lionel set #1534w consisted of the #2328 silver Burlington GP-7 and three aluminum-painted short streamline passenger cars: 2432 Clifton vista dome, 2434 Newark pullman, and 2436 Summit observation (all named for towns here in New Jersey). Over the years I’ve added two more cars to the set: another 2432 Clifton that has the car numbers in a different location (Lionel in the 50’s was great for variations like this) and the 2435 Elizabeth pullman. These cars first came out in 1954 and became part of this set in 1955. They were still part of sets in 1956. I also still have the rest of the set, the transformer, the track, the boxes, the whole thing. Having grown up with this, is it any wonder that it became a life-long hobby? Though the train doesn’t have sound or smoke or any of the other modern features that liven up most of my videos, it’s a sentimental favorite, especially around this time of year, and I thought that I’d share it with you. Please visit my web site — — for lots more videos and photos of both real and model trains. There is a page on my web site devoted to the Lionel postwar short streamlined passenger cars
Video Rating: 5 / 5