Steel City Junction Series: NS, CSX, and Amtrak At Pine Jct. Gary, IN. 11-19-09.

Lots of trains rolled under the dreary Gary skies this morning and even though there was sporadic rain, I still was out. I compiled so much footage today that I have to make it into two videos! Make sure you view the following video featuring CN/EJ&E footage around the Pine area. 8:25AM- A manifest that left Chicago earlier this morning now hits Pine at track speed. NS SD70M-2 #2670 BNSF C44-9W #740 8:40AM- Inbound Amtrak Lake Shore Limited 49 travels into Pine at it’s expected time. P42DC #68 P42DC #124 8:41AM- Three ex-UP SD40-2s go along for the ride on an Eastbound CSX manifest. Could these units be going to LTE? CSXT AC4400CW #70 CSXT ES44DC #5327 9:17AM- A stacktrain of mostly domestic containers lumbers on for Chicago with a four-pack of power. NS C40-9W #9617 NS C40-8W #8440 NS C40-9 #8713 NS C40-9W #9691 9:40AM- This container intermodal travels enroute to Chicago with UP power to boot. NS C40-9W #9323 UP SD70M #4750 9:56AM- The daily coil train runs empty to ArcelorMittal at Indiana Harbor to be loaded. Looks like the EMD power will lead back. NS C40-9W #9378 NS SD70M #2596 10:42AM- Amtrak Blue Water 365 is running with some different power today. NPCU #90225 P42DC #128 11:03AM- A pair of BNSF Pumpkins take a loaded coal drag East with trackage rights. BNSF ES44AC #6283 BNSF AC4400CW #5649 11:15AM- After stopping to wait for clearance ahead, this UP coal drag returns empty going West. UP ES44AC #7786 CSXT AC4400CW #109 11:21AM- The Phase III is back! After not

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