starting a local model railroad club of my own?

Question by Shadow: starting a local model railroad club of my own?
I have been on the NMRA website and I have looked for a branch to Carmel, Indiana but couldn’t find a branch. So i decide that i would start my own model railroad organization or club, nothing that will compete with the NMRA.

1.) Do anyone have any idea how to apply or start to become a non profit organization.
2.) If anyone who wanna join my organization or club, u can email me or post here.

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Answer by DON W
A couple of suggestions:

–Forget about the tax stuff for now. If you get the group organized and running, there will be plenty of time to file the forms with the IRS asking for not-for-profit (501C3) status

–Rather than forming your own group, why not ask the NMRA for information on starting a chapter for your county in Indiana? They will probably welcome you, and can give you material that would be helpful.

–The way to form a hobby club is to find others with the same interest. You do that through publicity. Find a place to meet, set a meeting date, and then publicize it widely. The publicity can be through cards you post in the public library and hobby shops, small ads you place in the local newspaper, and asking around to find others with the same interest.

–The first meeting should be exploratory–meaning folks talk about whether they want to form a club and things like how often it would meet, etc. Also have an interesting program set up–someone to talk about an interesting part of the hobby.

–As for a meeting space, most communities have places you can reserve for free. Often they are in the public library, schools, town hall, or fire house.

Good luck!

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