Southern Electric – New rolling stock for the Waterloo & City

A film from November 1940 showing new the cars being delivered to, and the original 1898 stock removed from, the Waterloo & City line which runs underground from Waterloo Station to Bank in the City of London. The Waterloo & City, colloquially known as The Drain is a unique part of the underground network in that for most of its existance it has been administratively seperate from the London Underground. Built for the London & South Western Railway to provide a convenient link from their mainline terminus at Waterloo to the business centre of London, it became a part of the Southern Railway in 1923 and upon nationalisation in 1948 became part of British Rail’s Southern Region. With privatisation of British Rail in 1993, the W&C was something of an anomaly and by agreement was taken over by London Transport. It is not connected to any other part of the London Underground and uniquely for tube lines in London is entirely sub-surface. The 1898 vintage wooden cars being removed in the film were built by Jackson and Sharp of Wilmington, Delaware, USA, using Siemens electrical motors and control equipment. The new electric multiple unit cars were manufactured by the English Electric company and would be used (classified as Class 487 under TOPS) until 1992 when, just prior to privatisation, they were replaced with replaced by new Class 482 units – these being virtually identical to the 1992 stock used on the LT Central line. The vehicles are seen being moved by an Armstrong Lift
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