Soldering Rails on an HO Model Railroad Layout – Wiring Part 1

This is my very first instructional video on building my model train layout. I know it is not perfect, I have things running out of the shot, and some other issues, but this was done with a Canon Digital still cam that takes videos. If I get a good response, I am going to do more details on how I build my layout. I learned a lot in this first video, and how to make the rest much better, plus I am shopping for a good digital camera to make them oh so sweet! This video is about how to prepare and wire your model train layout above the main board. A lot of people wire their layout below the main board, and they crawl under it, but I cannot since I am in a wheelchair. So I have wired this on the table, but it will be all below the landscape. All of the wires will feed back to a main panel, so I can make changes or additions on the fly, from a simple panel. I will be putting wires all throughout the layout, for stuff I have, and for future use, that way, I can pull out wires when I need them for new cool stuff. This layout is going to have automated crossing gates, a wig wag signal, and oh, so much more. Follow me in my journey while I build this cool layout with lots of bells and whistles, literally!!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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