So, is this possible..?

Question by Kyle: So, is this possible..?
All right, so I know a person who claims to have done tons of things, but nothing quite matches up.. I know this person is lying, as it’s clear from the person personality and such that it’s not true, but I’d like to know WHY can’t this be true?

She is supposed to be 19 years old right now.

She says that she has been in the military since she was 13, doing secret missions and such.. She has also said in the past that she lived in Australia on a farm with kangaroos when she was younger. I know that at least up until March of last year she was in highschool. But she also says she joined the military when she was 18 and got into the Army 18th Airbourne. And both the in since 13 and joining when 18 were in the same conversation, so she must’ve meant to say both.

She has also said that she is now in the Navy. Also, while in the Navy just tonight she mentioned “Switching skill sets” and saying “It’s not airbourne sadly but rather stealth”.. She says that she’s switching because “I’m tired of being shot at for once.” while she was “jump from so many feet above and trying not to get shot at” and that she’s going to be a Navy SEAL now.

She is also playing online games everyday still. (Which is where I know here form) Supposing all of this is true, would she really have the time to be playing them still? And assuming she’s seeing all of this action, would there even be reliable internet or anything to play them?

Then, I suppose to top it all off, some time ago when I first met her, she said she was a hermaphrodite. Would that prohibt her from being in the military due to the “don’t ask don’t tell”?

Now, I know you have an MOS in the military, but a skill set I’ve never heard of. I odn’t know really much at all about the Navy, but am I wrong to think they tend to stay more on the ships rather than direct combat, as I’ve always thought? It’d also seem odd if thats the case for her to be parachuting into enemy fire and risking getting shot all the time..

Then theres the obvious curiosity about the whole timeline of events, I know most, if not all of the brances require you to be 17 before enlistment, and I beleive 18 before leaving the country. So is it fair to assume the 13 year old secret opperative stuff is complete nonsense? Also the time if just joining a branch when your 17, theres still training for both Navy and Army, then the initial downtime of getting going. Let’s say she got right into bootcamp, and everything ready to be a functioning soilder in the Army, how long would it have taken her to go into the Navy from there? I don’t imagine it’s just a quick 1 day transition..

Anyway, please don’t get the impression I’m a total idiot, I just want some hard evidence from people who would know what their talking about as opposed to me just and my commonsense knowing she’s a liar. If you could please give detailed answers why this isn’t true, please do, I’d love to let her know what a mess of lies she’s created.
Anyway, I know this is a long question, and forthe most part not worded great, but if you have any questions please ask. This is greatly appreciated!
Well yes, I totally understand she’s lying, and it’s clear she’s not. But I’d love more information on WHY exactly so much of it is wrong. If I were to just point out the obvious thing with 17+, she’d try to ignore it with some other nonsense. Ideally I want her to just “tap out”, but I know she won’t unless there is beyond a doubt evidence that she couldn’t have done so.
And as far as her knowing some things about miltary terms, she seems like she hears something from TV or Wikipedia and tries to fit it into everyday conversation to make herself seem smarter.

For example earlier she said somebodies ignorance was annoying. Which in normal cicumstances may be right, but she used it to say he was just ignoring her, couldn’t help but laugh out loud. 😉

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Answer by majgross
Your friend can’t even join the military until she is 17 with parent’s permission and 18 without. You can discount everything she has said. It is obvious she knows something about the military because she uses some of our terminology like “skill set”, but she is so very obviously lying about everything else, you should really wonder what her problem is.

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