Skelton Junction

Skelton Junction
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Image by Ingy The Wingy
British Railways English Electric Type 1 Bo-Bo class 20 diesel-electric locomotive numbers 20182 and 20082 of Toton TMD pass Skelton Junction signal box at Timperley running off the Up Arpley line with a diverted ICI empty limestone train. Sunday 11th November 1984

Skelton Junction signal box was a Cheshire Lines Committee Railway Type 1a design fitted with a 50 lever Cheshire Lines Committee Railway Tappet frame which opened on 26th January 1902 replacing an earlier box. It was damaged by fire on 12th August 1981 and closed for rebuilding on 12th October 1981. During the time the signal box was closed for rebuilding with a new operating floor section and a flat roof, the signalman and block instruments were housed in a temporary hut with the signalman climbing the stairs to operate the frame to set routes as required. The box reopened on 7th March 1982 and closure came on 7th July 1991 when signalling passed to a panel in Deansgate Junction signal box

The nameboard is a Cheshire Lines Committee Railway design

The roof is similar in shape to that on a British Railways London Midland Region Type 15 design signal box, except it slopes to the front and not the rear

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