Should I get a Lionel Train or a MTH train?

Question by ComputerGenious#1: Should I get a Lionel Train or a MTH train?
Also should I get a O Scale train or an HO Scale, because I think there are way more HO trains than O scale, and I don’t have a lot of room for the trains?
Which is bigger O scale or HO Scale?

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Answer by Ben H
Tinplate O gauge can actually take up less space than HO, despite the fact that the trains are larger. The reason for this is that many O gauge trains can run quite well on curves 27″ or 31″ in diameter, while most HO requires 18″ radius(36″ diameter) at a minimum, and often 22″ radius(44″ in diameter).

As far as Lionel vs. MTH-Lionel offers much more in the affordable category, and their higher end products use a control system that’s also used by several other manufacturers. You can’t beat the 111 years of history that comes with Lionel.

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