Should I be concerned about a 12 wk. kitten showing signs of aggressive behavior?

Question by Bluebird: Should I be concerned about a 12 wk. kitten showing signs of aggressive behavior?
I have been fostering a 12 week old kitten for 2 weeks and I am considering keeping him. I currently have 2 dogs. One wants nothing to do with him, and the other is slowly warming up to him and will occasionally play with him. I purchased a few cat toys for this kitten and he has been especially attached to a feather toy. He enjoys playing with it-taking it everywhere with him. Recently, one of my dogs started to play with him while he was playing with his feather toy. I guess he felt very protective over it because he began hissing, growling and swatting at her. I left them alone for a few minutes to watch what happened, and my dog just walked away and the kitten continued to play with his feather toy. I began to approach him to play with him (which he has never had a problem with in the past), and he started to hiss, growl and swat his paws at ME. It was very odd because he is normally very sweet and playful. I figured he was still pretty upset about my dog. I let an hour pass-he had stopped playing with his feather toy long before,so I wanted to know if he would try to do that to me again without the dogs present. So I took the feather toy and began to play with him. When he got the toy in his mouth, he began to hiss, swat and growl at me again.

My question is this: Should I be concerned that this 12 week old kitten is already beginning to show this possessive and aggressive behavior? I want to keep him, but I don’t know how to deal with this new behavior. I would like to nip it in the bud, but I know nothing about “training” a kitten (if that is even possible). Or, is he better off with someone who knows how to handle a potentially aggressive cat?

A little bit about his background. He was bottle fed from 2 days to 3 weeks old (he was a stray someone found). At 3 weeks old, he began to nurse from a cat that had kittens 1 week before. She nursed him until he was 7 weeks old. Her 3 kittens were his “siblings”, but he walked all over them. He also walked all over his “mom”. She was a bit passive in her kitten rearing and she never disciplined him. So he is kind of spoiled. He was with her until I took him home 2 weeks ago. His temperament is very sweet, purrs a ton, actually comes when called by name….but he certainly has kitten behavior. He loves to play, but has developed some bad behaviors such as play biting my hands (it hurts), he jumps on my legs and climbs up (hurts when I’m not wearing jeans), he is hyper and crazy! Someone told me to use a water bottle when he is being naughty-which I have, and it has been some what effective. Sometimes I have to spray him 4 times to get off the kitchen table. He jumps on the table, I spray him, he jumps off. Then 2 seconds later he jumps on again and we go over it many times until he finds something else to play with. He gets plenty of attention between myself, son and husband-so I don’t think he’s bored. I just don’t think he was disciplined when he was younger. He is the first cat I have had (I know how to train dogs, but cats are soooo different).

Please advise if you know anything about cat behavior. THANKS

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Answer by Mr Bored
Oh, no need to be of concern. Hes probably just showing off in front of the ‘Big Dogs’. Best wishes.

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