Short Hills – Erie-Lackawanna Commuter Train (1978)

Short Hills – Erie-Lackawanna Commuter Train (1978)
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Image by roger4336
An Erie-Lackawanna Railroad commuter train set at Short Hills, New Jersey station. Earlier, it was the Lackawanna Railroad, later a New Jersey state authority. These electric train sets were introduced in 1928, and were still in use in the 1950s and 1960s. This is how my father commuted to his work in New York City, and how I went to New York (including summer jobs in the city).

We took one of these trains (usually 6 or 8 cars) from Millburn, Maplewood, or Short Hills station to Hoboken. (This is a weekend train.) To reach New York City, you took the Hudson Tubes (later PATH – Port Authority Trans-Hudson). In the 1950s, there were also ferries from Hoboken to Lower Manhattan.

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