Several law questions.?

Question by Fatefinger: Several law questions.?
I met this former marine where I am working now and we talked about guns and he said a lot of things which I don’t think are true. Both on the federal and state level.

First he said in AZ dragons breath shotgun shells are illegal. Then why can I still buy them? I have found no law on this. I know Illionios, Florida and kalifornistan banned them.

Second he said that in AZ having a side or underfolding stock on ANY rifle is illegal. Again I don’t see anything on this. And I can find AK’s with folding stocks at any gun store.

Third he said in AZ pistol model AR’s and AK’s are illegal.

4th he said firing a weapon from a moving vehicle is illegal under federal law. Even on private land. He said it was “militia training”. All I could find on that anywhere are hunting regulations where you cannot fire at game from a vehicle moving or not.

I think he’s confusing AZ law with kalifornistan law. That or he has no idea what he’s talking about.

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Answer by Newell
In Maricopa County, under Sheriff Arpaio, EVERYTHING is illegal.

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