Scared of boyfriends dogs?

Question by Maci<3: Scared of boyfriends dogs?
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My boyfriend has two German Shepard’s who I am very afraid of. The only reason I am scared of his dogs is because they constantly bark, jump and scratch at me. I am not typically afraid of dogs, but I am always very uncomfortable as soon as I walk in the door because that is when they get all hyped up. Every time i walk into the room they are in, they will jump and scratch as well. I have a Yellow Lab, so they are about the same size as my dog, but mine NEVER jumps and scratches. I really like my boyfriend and don’t want to break up with him over his dogs, but they really scare me. We are both 15, and i don’t want to sound rude to his parents considering my dog is the exact size (probably larger) but just way more well behaved. I have told my boyfriend that they scare me but all he does is just try to get them off of me, and by that time i am already scratched up. I am very tiny at only 5 foot tall so they probably look at me as a large toy. His parents get mad if we lock them in a room so we cant do that. Any suggestions?
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I don’t feel that it is my place to be attempting to “train” his dogs since they aren’t mine. I really do enjoy going over to his house, because he just has a fun house to be at in general. And we cant be locked in a room together (were both 15, our parents don’t allow it..yeah you get the picture lol)
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@Suki – exactly! i don’t want to tell his parents how to train the dogs. Plus i they were rescues and they didn’t get the dogs as puppies to train them. His parents just yell at the dogs, thinking it will do something. I don’t want the dogs to get hurt, but cant they just grab their collar and at least pull them down?
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I have told my boyfriend they scare me, and he really does nothing about it. His mom already doesn’t like me (apparently my shorts are too short and i talk about inappropriate things) so I don’t want to give her another reason to not like me. In all honesty, he has an odd family. They cant exactly see the obvious, such as how I am uncomfortable when the dogs jump on me.
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@Foon – No, they arent calm at all when they see the dogs on me. They yell at them, which I think has an even more negative effect.
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@Foon – When his parents walk in, they seriously ignore them. The dogs are just generally wild. It is a male and female, i dont know if that has anything to do with it as well.
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Answer by I love my Doberman Pinscher!
You NEED to voice this to his family.
Ask them to start training with them not to jump, and ask if you can join in the training sessions. The dogs have no manners, and they need to be taught some.
If you’re not comfortable voicing this, don’t go over. Suggest spending time with your boyfriend at your house, or somewhere else. Make this clear to both him and his parents.

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