Running two model trains on one track with one power pack?

Question by Yoshiko: Running two model trains on one track with one power pack?
I’m just beginning to explore the hobby of model railroading, and I currently have an HO train running on a simple oval. I think I’d like to purchase a new HO engine, and I was wondering if it would work if I ran it on my current track at the same time as my other engine. Can one power pack handle both trains at once? I read that it may be possible, but the trains will operate at different speeds and will eventually crash into each other. Would it be better for me to build a whole new track just for the new engine and purchase a second power supply?

Also, do you recommend that a beginner should read Model Railroader magazine? I want to expand my knowledge of model railroading, but I’m not sure if the magazine only focuses on advanced audiences.

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Answer by Angry Sailor 302
The magazine “Model Railroader” is mainly geared towards intermediate to advanced modelers.

It is possible to control two trains on one loop of track with one power pack.

You could set up the track in “blocks” where you can shut off power (or with a variable resistor, throttle the power), where the trains can be independently controlled.

Adding sidings is another method, where you can shift one train to a siding to allow the other to pass.

There are a lot of methods out there, limited only by your budget and what you are capable of doing.

It would be better to have a second loop, perhaps connected with turnouts to run two trains. My layout has two loops with a small yard, allowing three locomotives to run at once.

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