Runescape – problem with multi-cannon – help?

Question by Beckie: Runescape – problem with multi-cannon – help?
I just bought a dwarf multi-cannon of the grand exchange and went down to the waterfall dungen to kill some fire giants and work on training my range..

I have all the parts (I already converted the “set” into peices) but every time I try clicking “set up” on the base, I get a message saying “You cannot contruct more than one cannon at a time, if you have lost your cannon, go and see the dwarf engineer”

WTF? I only have 1 on me and haven’t even owned a cannon in at least a year.. this doesn’t make sense. The only thing I can think of is I have a yew bow on me, I dropped it and still not working..

Any ideas?
Ahh, Dylan ur awesome. I just went and talked to him and u were right.. I completely forgot I lost it.. now I have 2. ugh >< Thanks Best answer:

Answer by Dylan
um, you have to go see the dwarf guy, above fally.. because the last time you had a cannon, you let it die, and so you have to go get it from him. go talk to him,hes the guy behind the wooden door type thing. where you did the quest.. i forget the name of the mountain lol.

email me if you got anymore questions.


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