Rokenbok Monorail Train Freight Yard and Depot HD Rokenbok’s Remote Control Monorail is simple yet sophisticated at the same time, and so much fun! It has all the features of a model train, like switches and sidings, depots and stations. Tracks are assembled from Rokenbok construction pieces, making track layouts flexible and inexpensive. Look out Thomas, this is no tank engine! This remote controlled robotic train has a powered dump bed that loads and unloads itself by remote control; interact with water towers, dumping bins, and all the other vehicles in the Rokenbok fleet. This video features several standard Rokenbok building sets. The Rail Station is an included plan from the Architect’s Dream set. The area to the right is constructed from the Monorail Storage Depot, and is the perfect playground for a Rokenbok Remote Control Fork Lift. Railroad switches and railroad crossings are featured throughout, and are inexpensive additions to any Rokenbok rail layout. The cool X shaped trestles in the back are a custom design that use the angle blocks from the Inventor’s Tool Kit or Inventor’s Tool Box sets. That’s where you will find other advanced and articulating building components like hinges, axles, pulleys, and wheels. If you are not familiar with Rokenbok, it’s a small company based in Solana Beach, California, near San Diego. The Company’s mission is to create ideal learning environments for children, and Rokenbok has been shipping its high quality, educational toy system since 1997. Rokenbok
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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