Rokenbok Bridge Ceremony News anchor Dave ROKs is at the scene of the opening bridge ceremony. Everything is going well things are just getting underway when something unexpected happens and everything goes wrong. Luckily, a Rokenbok construction and rescue crew is there to save the day! The new Rokenbok bridge is incredible, but who would think a ROK worker would need to be rescued during the opening ceremony! Will she get down safely? How will the Mayor handle this emergency? And, is there romance in the air? If you are not familiar with Rokenbok, it’s a small company based in Solana Beach, California, near San Diego. The Company’s mission is to create ideal learning environments for children, and Rokenbok has been shipping its high quality, educational toy system since 1997. Rokenbok construction lets children build their own ideas, and Rokenbok ROK Star machines are so much fun because they work so well. The two together create endless, special playtimes for children and their parents. Each building set or remote control machine can be enjoyed alone or as part of an ever-growing world with unlimited play and educational potential. Winner of more than 50 toy awards, Rokenbok is a superb investment that will engage the whole family, even when the youngest child is only three years old. In fact, parents (and grandparents) love playing with Rokenbok almost as much as their kids. Rokenbok construction is different because you make real working buildings that interact with ROK Star
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