Rock & Roll Star Trivia Question?

Question by 電車男: Rock & Roll Star Trivia Question?
What well known rocker is a devoted Model Railroader, who is a part owner of Lionel, and has several patents for model railroading products for autistic and disabled kids?

Note: I don’t know…I just think this is a fun fact. LOL
XCELLENT! You will get the 10 points.

Neil got into model railroading as a way to bond with his disabled kid. He is a quality guy…and one hell of a shredder.

I bow my Lefty Merle Haggard Telecaster and Lefty Rick 620 in his direction!
BTW, Springsteen is also a BIG model railroading guy!
So is Billy Joel.
ooops, forgot Waterman…a major model RR geek. LOL
OMIGOD! How could I leave out the Oz? I am ashamed!

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Answer by christianbolich
Im not sure but i think i remember hearing something like that about Neil Young.

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