Ride the Empire Builder Bachmann HO scale train set

If you are looking for an interesting and very distinctive ho scale train set, you are in the right place.  The Bachmann Empire Builder ho gauge train set fits this description and is the one for you.

For those of you who like to know the history behind your Bachmann Empire Builder ho scale train set, the Empire Builder was the flagship passenger train of the Great Northern railroad and was named after the founder of the Great Northern railroad, James J. Hill.  He became known as the Empire Builder because he was very successful in reorganizing several railroads and making them the Great Northern Railway.  This railroad extended all the way to the Pacific Northwest in the nineteenth century.  Passengers who traveled on the Empire Builder train after World War II were fortunate because they were able to ride on a Great Dome passenger car and take in the wonderous scenery in the Cascade Mountains and the Glacier National Park in the Rocky Mountains of Montana.


On to the Bachmann ho scale train set called the Empire Builder.  This train set can be a great way for you to start your model railroading adventure.  An f7-a ho locomotive that is orange and brown leads the way and has Empire Builder printed on its side and is equipped with an operating headlight.  The set also has a powered f7-b ho locomotive that goes behind the f7-a ho locomotive.  

The two cars on the Empire Builder ho scale train set are a full dome passenger car and a smooth side coach.  Both of these brown and orange ho scale train cars have yellow trim and Empire Builder printed towards the top of the car.  These ho scale train cars are very sharp and really add to a model train layout.   The whole train connects to each other with Bachmann e-z mate couplers.

The Empire Builder ho gauge train set travels around a sixty three inch by forty five inch oval of Bachmann snap fit e-z track.  There are sixteen pieces of twenty two inch radius curve track, three pieces of straight e-z track and one plug in rerailer.  To help you out with the setup of your ho scale train set is a illustrated instruction manual.

The Bachmann Empire Builder ho scale train set is just what you are looking for if you are looking for an ho gauge train set with an interesting history behind it and some very colorful passenger cars.  Enjoy your Empire Builder set and happy model railroading.

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