Regional ECML Eurostar

Regional ECML Eurostar
electric train sets
Image by JohnGreyTurner
During some of my ‘lost’ years I would take my lunch at Hitchin Station car-park just to ‘watch the trains go by’ and take the odd photograph. Here is Eurostar Regional set headed by 3301 passing Hitchin southbound on what looks like a crisp late autumnal day in 1996. This is a full 16/18 car set so would expect it is a trial as the proposed regional sets were in 9’s. I must admit not to have taken a lot of interest in Eurostar but I believe that if the Regional Services ever did get going they were short lived and eventually killed off by the coincidental advent of the low-cost airlines. Any more info would be appreciated.

The car park has some special memories though. A four-up pristine 47 convoy was one, but sadly unphotographed.

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