RC controlled –> BATTERY OPERATED <–HO trains?

Question by John G: RC controlled –> BATTERY OPERATED <--HO trains?
Seems to me that if HO scale trains could be powered by on-board batteries (or batteries carried in a dummy unit, tender, or rolling stock) and then radio controlled (like an RC airplane or car) THEN the entire issue of track wiring would go away and operation would be more prototypical.

BUT….no one seems to be making anything close to this. DCC is not close. But I’m betting I’m not the only one to have thought of this and hoping someone else has either done a conversion -or know who DOES them? Your thoughts?
Jim: Actually, Jim, track power could be used to charge the batteries. Track work which is electricially tricky (like reverse loops, etc.) can simply be isolated “dead.” At some point, batteries will die, of course -but the replacement would be relatively seldom, right?

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Answer by jim
Charging batteries is a bit of a pain in the …, well, you know. Batteries do wear out, and it would add to the expense of a already expensive hobby. Radio control isn’t really needed because your in the same room as the train. They do need something better than DCC, but I think that can be done with out a radio

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