Question about Autism in toddlers?

Question by Huliganjetta: Question about Autism in toddlers?
Lately I’ve been very worried about my son. He is going to be 3 in December.

-He doesn’t talk much (only says about 10 words or so) and they aren’t very clear. He used to say other words, but hasn’t said them in a while, or he changes the pronunciation, like “Car” is now “Carday” and “Train” is now “Ken” Only my husband and I understand what he’s trying to say and he says things twice a lot…
(momma, dadda, papa, no no, eat eat, all gone, oh no!, owwie, kitty, please, i love you)
and he points or grabs our hand and takes us to what he wants, instead of asking. and he gets really upset when we don’t know what he wants.

-He runs in circles a lot

-He is very hyper…I mean VERY VERY hyper…more hyper than my cousin who has ADHD

-He throws horrible fits, especially in front of other people and before bed. He will not sleep in his own room, must be with my husband and I, thought we’ve tried everything

-He ignores people. We thought maybe he had a hearing problem, but he was tested and his hearing is fine. He just doesn’t listen to us, or obey anyone. He doesn’t understand when I tell him something like “If you don’t do this, you will not get to (w/e his punishment is) he just doesn’t know what it means it seems like.

-He is fearless. He will climb out of his very tall crib even though it hurts his stomach and ribs every time. He will run away from us, even run in the street when cars are coming. He attacks the cat even though he knows it will scratch him

-He is very independent, wants to do everything himself.

-He has never liked to cuddle, even as a newborn…he hated to be confined. Wouldn’t even stay in his blanket. He wouldn’t breastfeed and would thrash his head back and forth every time id try and feed him.

-He doesn’t like to play like most kids I see. He always wants to play with things that aren’t toys (the oven, the sink, the bath, the vacuum, etc) and he lines his cars and trains up in rows. He had 25 cars lined up once…all the reds together, greens, blues, etc…and does things like this often. If we try to play with his toys with him he grabs them and gets mad and puts them back in their place. He won’t let me read him a book (grabs it and throws it)

-He will only eat certain things. He won’t eat vegetables at all, even if I try and disguise it, he knows.

-I try to discipline him and he thinks it’s funny

-I’ve been trying to potty train him for several months consistently and he just wants to play in the toilet, and tells me “pee pee” or “uh oh” after he goes in his diaper, but not before. Sticker charts and things like that don’t work because he doesn’t seem to understand it…he just wants to rip them up.

The list goes on and on. He can understand when people leave, and wants to give kisses. but when I tell him to do something, or say something he won’t until we’re 20 minutes down the freeway and then he’ll say “bye papa” or “bye train” or w/e it was we were trying to get him to do/say.

Do these seem like signs of Autism? or something else?

I have a job, but I don’t have health care and can’t afford Dr visits. MediCal and other gov’t aide has denied me several times now, so I don’t know what I can do…

Thank you to everyone who reads/replies to this.

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Answer by Pooks
what are you doing on here asking about this very urgent concern?I do not know where you live but i don not know of any places where you could not get a pediatrician to see your baby about this…

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